Profile Mesh Fencing


Commercial and industrial sites

We have built many steel fences, made using profile mesh fencing all across Britain. We would recommend opting for zinc coated, as well as powder coated steel is used, this will help the security fence to last longer, because the steel will be able better resist rust. This is crucial, because, steel which hasn’t been galvanised for V-mesh fencing


Sliding Gates

We don’t just build metal security fencing, as our fencing company has grown, and taken on many more staff, so has the range of services we now offer.

We can now offer a huge range of services to help make your business premises much more secure. From installing CCTV, through to installing sliding gates, which can automatically slide, when someone enters the correct pin, or perhaps slides a card on the card reader.
automated gates

We can offer you many different types of automated gates, some slide back and then close, after someone enters a pin code.

We also have gates which operate using a hydraulic pistons, which when a pin code is entered the gate opens.


Swing Gates

We can install swing gates, these are a very popular option with many businesses.


Welded Mesh Gates

We can install welded mesh fencing, as well as gates for you.


Access Control systems

We install a wide range of different access control systems, ranging from automatic barriers which raise, through to sliding gates, and also bi-folding steel gates.


Security Bollards

Our company now builds also security bollards, these lower to allow a vehicle to enter a business premises.

We build security bollards all over the U.K these are often used with steel gates, to make the business premises even more secure.
example will often rust very quickly.


High quality steel

We buy our profile mesh fencing from suppliers, which supply galvanised, high-quality, long-lasting steel. Often the metal is made from British steel, its good quality and this fence often requires less maintenance.

Its important to pick the right fence for your business, we have a sales team, they can advise you over the phone, via e-mail, or perhaps you like us to come to your business premises and offer advice as which security fence we recommend.

We would say that profile mesh fencing is fast becoming one of the most poular types of commercial fencing used in the U.K. from our experience as fencing company, we think palisade fencing is still the most commonly used, yet, we would say wire mesh fencing is still very popular.


The reason for this type of commercial and industrial fence being so popular is because:

  • Its often made using powder coated steel
  • Its often made using galvanised steel posts and wire
  • It can be built quickly


Made from steel wire

Its important when buying wire mesh fence, to check the thickness of the wire strands, you want the wire to be thick, and we would recommend paying a bit more wire mesh, which is made using twin mesh, this makes the fence more durable, stronger, harder for intruder to break through the fence.

What’s great about wire mesh fencing, is that it can be built extra tall, so its incredibly tall fence, making it much harder for someone to scale, that’s to climb over the fence, because its so tall.


Galvanised to prevent rusting

There are hundreds of businesses which sell welded mesh fencing panels, however, we would say its very important, before buying any welded mesh fencing, to make sure its galvanised, to help slow down the rusting process.

Because if you build any type of steel security fence, if the fence has not been galvanised, then what will happen the whole fence may start to rust. Sometimes some manufacturers may just add a powder coating to the fence, yet, we would highly recommend opting instead for galvanised fencing panels, because if the paint chips off, and this will mean the steel underneath, if it hasn’t been galvanised will simply start to rust very quickly.


Profile Mesh Posts

We can supply everything, from the concrete, through to profile mesh panels and posts. Its important that the posts are also galvanised.

We recommend using an excavator, fitted something that’s called auger, this allows deep holes to be drilled into the ground. So that the profile mesh posts can then be put deeply into the ground and concrete can be poured around the posts, making a strong and also a durable fence.


Twin Mesh Fencing

So, if your business, wants a fence that strong, that’s durable, that’s made to last, we would recommend paying more for what is called twin mesh fencing.

We would also recommend opting for extra tall fencing panels, and posts, simply because, whatever type of business you run, from a builder’s merchants, through to owning a factory, you will want to make it harder for an intruder to climb over the fence.
double layer of mesh secured with tamper-proof fixings also, what you don’t want is welded mesh fence, where its easy to un bolt the bolts, so when you are considering which security fence you want for your business, do ask the fencing contractor whether or not they can also add tamper proof fixings.

The reason for this is, if its easy to say unbolt a section of the fencing, then the intruder may do this, rather than cutting the fence, using a disc cutter.

So, you should do, is ask the fencing company, whether they can also add tamper proof fixings, it may cost slightly more to build the fence, yet its most definitely worth the extra expense, because, it will make the fence more secure.

Cameras and lighting

We are a fencing company, that also can install CCTV cameras, we can install security lighting, which switches on when an intruder is detected. We can also install automatic gates as well.

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