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Do you require security/metal fencing to be built? Call us today?

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We have been building security fencing, well, for donkeys’ years now- we’re actually one of the longest established businesses building palisade fences in Wales. For example we have been building palisade fencing for well over 10 years. As you drive through Cardiff, many of the metal fences will be built by our business. Our diligent

Do you build composite/wooden decking within Cardiff/Vale of Glamorgan?

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  We are an established fencing and decking business, for well over 10 years, our business has been improving many gardens, right throughout the Vale of Glamorgan and Cardiff, by building log cabins, patios, artificial lawns building decking as well as fencing. In this blog post, we are going to talk about the different types

Do you need palisade fencing or a security fence built?

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  Here at Hyden Bros build, we specialise in building metal security fencing, all across Wales. We build metal railings, through to welded mesh fence- which is a type of long-lasting, highly durable and a welded mesh fence can be built at a very competitive price by our company.   Built to last, a lot

The quotes we’ve received to build our new garden fence are very similar- so which fencing contractor should we choose?

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    Introduction In a capital city, like here in Cardiff, within South Wales, there are quite literally hundreds, if not thousands of various fencing businesses which offer to build fencing. Some specialise in steel fences, others composite and there are many which build wooden fences.   So, how should we know which fencing contractor

Why should we choose your landscaping and garden fencing business?

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  Capital cities, like Cardiff South Wales, have hundreds of landscaping businesses. Yet, some landscaping businesses come and go, yet Hyden Bros, has stood the test of time, as one the most well known and established landscaping companies in Cardiff- but why is that, and why is our business so popular.   What types of

Composite fencing- what are the benefits of choosing a composite garden fence?

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  Introduction So, your current garden fence, might be looking a bit worse for wear? Slats may have fallen out of place, on your lap panel fence, or even worse the fence might have completely fallen over? So, it’s time for a new wooden fence to be built? Well, hold your horses just for a