Garden Decking Cardiff & South Wales

  We can build all types of garden decking, this includes hardwood and softwood, and we also offer a wide range of composite decking options to choose from as well. This is why our team, here at Hyden Bros, is always busy throughout the year building decking for our valued customers. Improve your garden this

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What types of steel security fences do you build?

  Introduction We are fencing contractors which can build for your company any type of security fencing. From crash barriers, through to power coated and galvanised palisade fencing, we can build it all. Therefore, whether your business requires fence repair, for example to a metal fence, or perhaps you require brand-new fencing to be built

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Commercial Security Fencing- What types of security fencing does business build?

  Security Fencing   What types of metal security fencing does your business build?   Vertical bar fencing We can build “vertical bar metal fencing”- you often see this built around apartment blocks. That’s where the landowners want to separate the car park for residents, say, from a public footpath. Although vertical bar fencing doesn’t

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Commercial fencing: what makes steel palisade fencing such a good commercial fence?

  Introduction There is a good reason why our fence builders are out every week in all weather conditions building steel palisade fencing for various businesses here in the U.K. Palisade security fencing, is by far the most popular commercial/industrial type of fence used throughout the United Kingdom. This type of steel security fencing is

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Why we recommend buying palisade fencing

Fencing contractors which build palisade fencing Introduction To Palisade Fencing Palisade fencing is the most commonly used industrial and commercial steel security fence used by thousands of businesses throughout the United Kingdom. This type of security fence, or steel fencing, is popular because of its robust construction, low maintenance design, and relatively inexpensive price, that’s

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We need to repair our garden fence. What are the different parts of the fence called?

  We have varying weather patterns here in this fabulous country of Great Britain. Our summers can be baking hot, yet our winters have such powerful storms that they can blow over garden fencing relatively easily. Therefore, many homeowners will want to identify the different parts of the fence, perhaps so they can talk with

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Composite Fencing Cardiff

  Introduction More people than ever are purchasing composite decking and fencing. Wood rots need painting and eventually replacing. If they are good quality, composites will last a very long time. It doesn’t need to be painted; the panels, therefore, come in a wide range of colours, and some have the benefit of looking like

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How much does it cost to replace or repair a garden fence?

  Written by: Ryan Walsh Date: 24/04/2024 A garden fence is a little bit like the boiler within your house. It can work perfectly, doing its job night an day, but unexpectedly out of the blue, it can fail. Here in the United Kingdom, we do have quite unpredictable weather patterns; one moment, it can

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We now also build all types of security fencing

Date: 30/01/2024 Security Fencing Wales Right across South Wales, different businesses will require different types of security fencing. We can now build anytype of security fence anywhere within South Wales, this includes: Wire Mesh Automatic bollards Railings Palisade fencing Vertical Bar Cast iron fencing Chain link Acoustic fencing   We build all types of metal

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Our fencing business now also builds metal palisade fencing

      Palisade Fencing Cardiff Our fencing company now also build every type of galvanised steel fencing- this includes palisade, bow top and vertical bar. We are a very successful fencing business that has a strong reputation for building residential fencing for over 10 years. Our team has expanded, allowing us to take on

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Was your garden fence damaged by the recent storms?

  Introduction Recently we have had some very strong storms, a lot of homes have been impacted, with multiple roofs damaged, garages and fencing. This has meant that many homeowners will require emergency repairs to replace brick and block walls, as well as wooden fencing. We are fencing experts; we build composite through to steel

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How much does palisade fencing cost to build?

  Introduction Our fencing business builds a lot of security fencing every single week for a wide range of companies. For example we build palisade fencing around large factories, light industrial units and also shops. As our teams are equipment with good quality excavators and quality DeWalt tools, when combine this with a hardworking, highly

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Do you know that we now also install crash barriers / Armco Crash Barriers

  Introduction Crash barriers are very important, they are used along motorways, but also in many car parks. In factories where there are a lot of fork lift trucks, and also where lorries are reserving, its important to have dedicated walk ways where can walk safely, to help protect staff and members of public, walkways

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Mesh Fencing

    Welded Mesh Fencing Mesh fencing is becoming more and more popular right across Britain and with good reason. Often its cheaper than other types of steel fencing, can be built very quickly, its long lasting, plus the owner benefits from having the steel wire “galvanised” simply meaning, its more able to resist rust,

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We also build “zinc coated steel palisade fencing”

  What is steel palisade fencing Right across Great Britain, a wide range of businesses, rely on steel palisade fencing to make their business premises more secure. When this type of fence is well built, it requires very little maintenance and is very strong.   Do you take on large fencing contracts? We most certainly

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Our fencing company can build all  types of security fencing as well as automatic gates

  We have multiple teams which install our security fencing across Britain. We can install any type of steel fence for a business (palisade, welded mesh and chain link security fencing) we can also build automated gates and automatic barriers for companies which are based right throughout the United Kingdom.   What types of metal

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Why is palisade fencing so popular within the city of Cardiff, South Wales?

  Here at Hyden Bros, we have been building palisade and other types of steel fencing, within South Wales for well over 10 years. We can supply British made steel, which has been completely galvanised. We can supply therefore galvanised posts, galvanised rails and galvanised steel fencing slats. Because we now have a large team

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What are the different fence panel options that you can offer?

  For well over 10 years, we have been building composite, aluminium and wooden fence panel fencing here in Cardiff. Yet when you think of this type of fence, you might typically think of a lap panel fence- which is rather flimsy. Yet there are so many different options that you can pick from- we

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Our fencing company can build every type of agricultural fencing

  Here in Wales, we have a huge number of farms, and homeowners that own properties within the countryside. This means that agricultural fencing, such as "plain wire fences", "cleft chestnut fencing", and "morticed post and rail fences" are in huge demand right across the country. We build this type of fencing all year around,

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We now build metal railings and also palisade fencing

Palisade Fencing Cardiff, South Wales     For over a decade, our company, has specialised in building timber fencing, mostly for residential customers. However, as our company expands, and we take on more and more staff, we have now started to also build metal railings, security fencing and also automatic barriers. Within this article, we

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Do you require steel security fencing to be built?

    Our company can build any type of metal security fencing. We are a fencing business, that travels all across the United Kingdom, building metal security fencing for businesses. We can build welded wire mesh, chain link fencing, vertical bar fencing, as well as many other options as well. We predominantly, build most of

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We now also supply and install metal railings within Wales

Metal railings are widely used throughout Wales, for example they are often used on many roads, rail-way lines and around parks. We therefore work with a wide range of different clients, this can range from civil engineering companies, which need metal railings built on a central island, to help people to cross the road more

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We now also build metal sliding gates as well as swing gates in Cardiff

  Right across South Wales, many businesses either have steel sliding gates, or swing gates to enter the business premises. Sometimes the security of the building is further improved, through automatic bollards as well, which raise up and down as trucks approach the entrance. We can install of these, we can install securing fencing, bollards,

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Acoustic fencing- how does it work?

  We have been building acoustic fencing all across the United Kingdom and Ireland for a long period of time. We have been building this type of fence now for over 10 years, working for large civil engineering companies, major house builders, and also home owners. Therefore our company has a huge amount of experience

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Do you build welded mesh fencing?

  A type of fencing, which is increasing in popularity, with many businesses is welded mesh fencing. Many industrial facilities, as well as commercial buildings, such as factories, now have welded mesh fencing surrounding the building. There are many benefits to choosing this type of commercial fence, in this article, we will explain the benefits

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Do you require security/metal fencing to be built? Call us today?

We have been building security fencing, well, for donkeys’ years now- we’re actually one of the longest established businesses building palisade fences in Wales. For example we have been building palisade fencing for well over 10 years. As you drive through Cardiff, many of the metal fences will be built by our business. Our diligent

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Do you build composite/wooden decking within Cardiff/Vale of Glamorgan?

  We are an established fencing and decking business, for well over 10 years, our business has been improving many gardens, right throughout the Vale of Glamorgan and Cardiff, by building log cabins, patios, artificial lawns building decking as well as fencing. In this blog post, we are going to talk about the different types

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Do you need palisade fencing or a security fence built?

  Here at Hyden Bros build, we specialise in building metal security fencing, all across Wales. We build metal railings, through to welded mesh fence- which is a type of long-lasting, highly durable and a welded mesh fence can be built at a very competitive price by our company.   Built to last, a lot

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The quotes we’ve received to build our new garden fence are very similar- so which fencing contractor should we choose?

    Introduction In a capital city, like here in Cardiff, within South Wales, there are quite literally hundreds, if not thousands of various fencing businesses which offer to build fencing. Some specialise in steel fences, others composite and there are many which build wooden fences.   So, how should we know which fencing contractor

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Why should we choose your landscaping and garden fencing business?

  Capital cities, like Cardiff South Wales, have hundreds of landscaping businesses. Yet, some landscaping businesses come and go, yet Hyden Bros, has stood the test of time, as one the most well known and established landscaping companies in Cardiff- but why is that, and why is our business so popular.   What types of

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Composite fencing- what are the benefits of choosing a composite garden fence?

  Introduction So, your current garden fence, might be looking a bit worse for wear? Slats may have fallen out of place, on your lap panel fence, or even worse the fence might have completely fallen over? So, it’s time for a new wooden fence to be built? Well, hold your horses just for a

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The art of installing Gravel Boards

  Ah, gravel boards, the unsung heroes of your garden fence! Some fencing contractors, might not install these, however we would most definitely recommend paying a bit more to get concrete gravel boards added, because they simply often allow your fence the last longer. These sturdy additions to your fence are the key to a

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What are the main benefits of choosing feather edge fencing?

  Introduction So let’s say, that your current fence is looking a bit worse for wear, and in some sections, part of the fencing is moving back in full in the wind. You have concerns, that you’ll Yorkshire terrier, might escape, so you need the fence replaced urgently. However, since you’ve lived in your property,

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We need a low-cost garden fence built- what types of fencing can you offer?

  Introduction At the current time of writing, a lot of people are feeling the cost-of-living crisis, in that at the end of the month, they might not have as much disposable income as they once did. So, if your house needs unexpected repairs, let’s say that roof tiles fall off the roof, or that

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Feather edge boards- why do so many people use these for their garden fencing?

  Introduction If you were to walk down a lane, in most streets in the United Kingdom, let’s say that you are on a dog walk, you will notice that most of the houses will have a garden fence made from feather edge. Feather edge is by far one of the most popular types of

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What’s the cheapest fencing options you offer?

      Introduction More people are looking for fencing they can pay for monthly or fencing which is low cost, and this makes complete sense. In a cost-of-living crises, if our fence falls over, or let’s say the roof on our houses suddenly need repairing, then this can mean that we are hit with

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What are the main benefits of having a hit and miss fence built?

  Introduction When a homeowner, is thinking about having a brand-new garden fence constructed, they often think about either a panel fence or close board fencing. A lot of homeowners, opt for lap panel fencing, simply because it’s very cheap, so a garden fence can be built at a low cost. On the other hand,

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What is “close board” fencing and what are the benefits of ownership?

    Introduction So, you’ve just had a local fencing contractor around, and you’ve said, “give us a quote for durable, long-lasting fence”. And you’ve been sent an e-mail, which has provided you with a quote for “close board” fencing, and your now bit confused, as you don’t know what close board fencing is, or

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We are fencing contractors with over 10 experience building garden fencing

    Introduction Building a garden fence can seem like an easy task, a walk in the park, a piece of cake- however, some homeowners quickly see that it’s not that easy, for example sometimes concrete needs to be broken up, so new fence posts can be installed. However, sometimes even when you hire a

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What to do if your garden fence incurs woodworm

      When you've spent a substantial amount of time, painting, staining, and repairing your garden fence, and you’ve put in a large amount of effort over the summer to maintain your fence, and keep it in good condition, then it can be disheartening to discover that woodworm has set into the fence, and

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Which colour should I paint my fence and garden shed?

    Brightening your outdoor space, so your fence, you’re decking or your garden shed, is brilliant idea. Using quality paint can give your garden a makeover at a very cost.  is as simple as giving a fresh coat of paint or stain to your fence, shed, or garden furniture- and you can do it

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How our fencing can improve your front garden  

  Introduction We think garden fencing, whether it’s for your front or back garden, should be more than just marking out a boundary with you and your neighbour, it should have a good design, so it improves your home. It should be long lasting, and we would also recommend thinking about purchasing a fence made

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Our joiners and carpenters can also build wooden gazebos

  Introduction Right across the city of Cardiff, which is the capital of South Wales, many people are purchasing wooden gazebos that are built by joiners.   Quality Gazebos All of the gazebos that our company builds are hand built by our joiners and carpenters. Plus, when you hire Hyden Bros, you will be obtaining

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Does your company build steel, composite and timber fencing during the winter months?

    Introduction   Hyden Bros is an established business which serves Cardiff, and we have now been building garden fences for over 10 years. We also don’t just offer our fencing and landscaping services during the summer months, that’s because we work right throughout the entire year building steel fencing, timber and also composite

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The many benefits that come from purchasing composite decking and fencing from us

  Introduction For a lot of homeowners in The Vale of Glamorgan areas, like Penarth, Cowbridge and Barry, when a garden fence becomes damaged, say during strong winds, they might replace their old fence with the same type of fencing again. But we would say, would you like to purchase a better-quality fence, one that

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How long will it take for your fencing company to build our new garden fence?

    Introduction When you’re having any construction work done on your house, whether that be for a room to be plastered, or lets say for somebody to fix the electrics, or for our fencing team to build a new garde fence for you, you don’t want to take a large amount of time off

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Concrete or wooden fence posts- which would be best for my garden?

Introduction When you ask a fencing contractor to come out and offer you a price, to build a new fence, they will ask you which type of fencing you would like, as well as which type of fence post you would like. They may ask you whether you want a concrete or a wooden post,

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What are the main the benefits of choosing a wooden panel fence?

    Introduction You may have asked your local fencing contractor, to provide several different quotes, for different types of fencing for your garden. However, with that said, you might now be scratching your head, thinking well, why is wooden panel fencing the cheapest option? For example, it might be substantially cheaper than the next

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How to choose the best garden fence for you garden

  Introduction You might think that choosing a new garden fence is an absolute piece of cake, a walk in the park if you will- something that doesn’t require much thought, and can just be purchased straight away? However, what can sometimes occur, is that if all the different fencing options are not considered, is

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 We require a fencing contractor to build a new feather edge fence, can you help?

Introduction Whether you own a business and you would like a feather edge fence built, or you would like a fence built for your garden, we are here to help. We build what is called “feather edge fencing”, this is also referred to as close board fencing as well. If you would like feather edge

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Which garden fencing options do you offer and how much do they cost?

    Introduction Your current fence might be looking a bit worse for wear?  So, its not exactly enhancing your garden, in matter of fact, well its letting it down. Your current fence might have fencing slats which have dropped down, so you can see right the way through the fence, and on other sections

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Are you looking for a garden maintenance company?

    Introduction Sometimes, some homeowners call us as just want a garden fence repaired or replaced, yet sometimes we are the company that’s chosen because the homeowners really want to push the boat out, and have their whole garden improved. Sometimes therefore the homeowner wants our company can transform the whole garden and improve

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Our last garden fence fell down due to wood worm and wood rot, what would you recommend could help the next fence last a bit longer?

  Fencing Cardiff Sometimes when our cars are about to let this down, they might let out a bit of a squeak or rattle from the engine, which gives us a bit of a warning that something is about to go wrong and that we need to put some money aside for the mechanic. If

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What’s the cheapest fencing options that your company offers?

    Introduction We are all in this cost of living crisis together, which means that prior to inflation soaring, we might have opted for a more expensive garden fencing option. However, let’s say during a strong storm, your whole fence blows over and you didn’t expect to have to face the cost of having

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Fencing contractors near to me

Introduction You may have a perfectly landscaped garden, with a nice lawn, a patio and perhaps even composite decking? The garden therefore looks absolutely superb, you might even have a large garden room that has been built in one part of the garden. However, with that said, there might be still one part of the

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A guide to post and rail wooden fencing

  Wooden fencing Wales We are fencing contractors that can build every single type of wooden fencing, this includes “post and rail fencing”, this type of fencing often used around agricultural land and large luxury homes. This guide will tell you everything that you need to know about post and rail fencing, and why many

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We want a strong fence to be built what would you recommend?

Introduction You may have woken up on one winter’s morning, to open the blinds on your windows, to look out at all of your garden fencing has blown over, and its so badly damaged that it is not repairable. You might now be looking for a local fencing contractor such as Hyden Bros to recommend

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Do you know that we also build summerhouses as well?

Introduction As a company that employs many carpenters, we can therefore also offer to build wooden summerhouses as well in the city of Cardiff. Therefore, if you really want to push the boat out, and improve your garden, then we could build a brand new garden fence, a new timber summerhouse also new decking for

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How to build a garden fence

  Introduction   Now when you look at a garden fence, it’s a relatively simple construction, right? Well in most certainly years, but it’s so easy to get it wrong as well and for you to sit back in your house once it is built and think, that doesn’t look straight or why then fencing

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What are the cheaper fencing options that you offer?

Fencing Cardiff At the moment the news is awash with stories of inflation, rising food prices, interest rates and the price of fuel is going up, so it’s no wonder that when a homeowner needs to buy something like a new garden fence, they might now be looking at the more cheaper options we offer.

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What are benefits of choosing concrete fence posts and gravel boards?

Here at Hyden bros, we think that there are many advantages to choosing concrete fence posts used in combination with concrete gravel boards. The main benefit is neither will incur wood rot, because the products are made from concrete. Within this article, we will explain the benefits of using concrete fence posts and concrete gravel

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We would like a new garden fence, but what’s the difference between green and brown timber?

Introduction So, you may have contacted a fencing company for a quote, and they may have stated in the quote, that they are going to use something called green or brown timber. Yet you may not know what that means. Well do not worry, as we will explain everything you need to know about green

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We want top quality garden fencing- what can you offer?

    Introduction A lot of our customers will have very busy lifestyles, so, this means that when the homeowners do have time off work, they don’t want during the summer to be painting or repairing the garden fence. Neither do they want to hire a local fencing company and then need that fence replaced

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What are the most popular types of garden fencing that you build?

Introduction There are so many types of garden fencing that we offer, from the inexpensive, such as panel fencing through to the more expensive hardwood options. There’s also wooden fencing, as well as composite and metal, so there are so many different options that you choose from when you ask us to build your

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Does your fencing company build panel fencing?

Introduction   Here in Cardiff, we are often building panel fencing, here are the main advantages of choosing this type of fencing   It affordable This type of fencing is the most affordable option we offer, its therefore cheaper than say having a hit and miss fence. We can therefore build this type of fence

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We build quality composite and wooden decking

  Introduction   If you're looking to have top quality wooden or composite decking built in Wales, then you've most definitely come to the right place. Here at Hyden Bros, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with the top quality  decking that’s built by our carpenters We always use the highest quality timber or

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Cardiff Garden Fencing- which fence will you choose?

Cardiff Garden Fencing   Introduction Here at Hyden Bros, we specialise in building garden fencing, this means that not only will you obtain a really high-quality fence, but also we can offer you so many different options to choose from. From panel fencing, which has trellis on the top, to help you grow climbing plants,

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7 reasons to buy a summerhouse from us

We have built many summerhouses in Cardiff, here’s 7 reasons why many homeowners have chosen us to build their garden room   A place to relax A summerhouse can be your place to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Whether you live in the centre of Cardiff or out in the countryside, a

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7 reasons to have composite decking built by us

We have built a lot of composite decking here in Cardiff, that’s for both businesses, and homeowners.   Here’s a list of the areas we build composite decking in: - Cardiff -Newport -Vale of Glamorgan     Recycled   The composite decking that we supply and build can be made from recycled materials, so it

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Garden fencing Cardiff- what fences do you build?

Garden fencing   If you're looking for a garden fencing company, then you've most definitely come to the right place. With a lot of 5 star reviews on Google My Business, and the fact we have built so many summerhouses, garden fences and decking all over Cardiff, its no wonder why Hyden Bros, comes so

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How railway sleepers can be used in your garden

Here at Hyden Bros, we think that railway sleepers are very useful when landscaping a garden. We can make garden furniture out of railway sleepers, plus we can make raised flower beds. A lot of customers want somewhere to grow plants, yet a pot is not big enough. Railway sleepers can be built and a

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The importance of hiring the right fencing contractor

There are a number of factors to consider when you're looking for a fencing contractor here in Wales. You have to make sure that the company is experienced, competitively priced, and have a good reputation. All of which Hyden Bros are, which explains why we are such a popular garden fencing and decking company in

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Do you need a new garden fence to help your dog safe?

Dog Fencing We are often called to supply and build fencing that’s suited to keep a dog contained within a garden. Although it’s not possible to totally guarantee, that a dog will not escape from a garden, we can build fencing that’s extra tall, has concrete gravel boards, and has a secure gate, which means

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Fencing Cardiff- what types of garden fences can you offer?

Introduction We can supply and build many different types of garden fencing here in Cardiff. The most popular type of fencing is what’s called “feather edge fencing”- yet we can offer you many different options to choose from. In this article, we will look at the most popular types of fencing we build:   What

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What are some of the benefits of purchasing composite decking?

    Cardiff decking   We think that composite decking is a great alternative to timber decking, and we will explain why composite can be more environmentally friendly. Composite decking is simply made from recycled materials, yet this does depend on the manufacturer, as there are many different brands which produce this type of decking.

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What colour should I paint my garden fence and shed?

    Fencing companies in Cardiff   If you’ve just had a garden fence built by us at Hyden Bros, well your probably now thinking of painting your fence or shed? Yet with so many products to choose from at the local DIY store, your probably wondering which ones our fencing company recommends? If so,

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What’s the cheapest garden fencing option that you offer?

Introduction We completely understand, that when strong winds make a garden fence unexpectedly fall over, it’s a cost that a lot of homeowners will not have anticipated. But do not worry, as we offer many fence options, and all of them are competitively priced. By far the cheapest option that we offer is panel fencing,

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Has your garden fence suffered damage from the recent storms?

Introduction Sometimes our garden fences can become damaged when we don’t expect it, for example, at this time of year, you might be busy setting up your Christmas tree, getting all the food shopping in and always buying presents online. Yet, one rather cold night, a storm may hit South Wales, causing strong winds to

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Why do so many people in Cardiff hire Hyden Bros to be their fencing contractor

You may have seen our team working on your street in Cardiff? Alternatively You may have seen one of our many vans drive pass you in Cardiff. We therefore have a large team of fence builders, so when your looking for a “fencing contactor in Cardiff”-then why not call us? We offer competitive prices on

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How Hyden Bros build feather edge fencing

Introduction In this blog post we will cover: -Why so many people in Cardiff hire us to build their new garden fence -Why the majority of fencing we build is feather edge -We explain that we only build fences using top-quality timber feather edge -We explain that we are a local fencing contractor that has

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We are looking for a local fencing business- why should we choose Hyden Bros?

Hyden Bros are established Cardiff fencing contractors We are fencing contractors in Cardiff, that have been building garden gates, decking, fencing and also summerhouses for a real long period of time. You may have even seen us working in your street before? Hyden Bros is asked to build fencing, not just because we offer affordable

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