Looking for a fencing contractor Cardiff?

Introduction There are now many fencing contractors Cardiff to choose from, yet we believe at Hyden Bros we are a good choice, that’s because we can offer you: ·        Quality wooden fencing ·        We are fencing contractors that cover the whole of Cardiff and offer free quotes ·        We are an established business ·        We

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There are so many garden fencing companies near me- how do I know which one to choose?

Introduction When an old garden fence blows over, its easy to find a lot of garden fencing companies that will be willing to do the work. However, the hard part is knowing which fencing company to choose. After all, you will want a solid garden fence, built using quality timber and constructed by carpenters that

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Concrete fence posts and why they are such a good idea

Introduction So has your fence fallen over? Well, you may now be calling around many fencing contractors asking for quotes. And surely it’s best just to go with the cheapest quote that gets offered, right? Well, this does depend, as would expect the largest expense a fencing company will have is often the bill

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Has your garden fence blown over in strong winds?

Introduction As autumn and winter fast approaches one thing is for certain, that is the weather will often get a lot worse. Strong winds, rain and also snow can mean that our garden fences and wooden decking have to brave a lot out there in the harsh weather conditions. So, if your garden fence

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Why replace one flimsy garden fence with another one?

Introduction Okay, so picture the scene, you’ve just woken up, about to grab a cup of coffee, then you have a glance at your garden, and there lays in your garden your fence, and it's in bits! That’s right on your lawn is your garden fence, this now means that wooden slats are laying

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Is your garden decking in need of repair?

Introduction Across Cardiff many gardens will already have garden decking fitted, however some garden decking can become weathered and damaged and then need replacing. Sometimes the wooden joists, that’s the wood that supports the wooden decking is okay to reuse, so sometimes we can replace the garden decking and paint the wood, which can

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Why is feather edge used to build so many garden fences?

Introduction Let’s say your old garden fence has blown over, and is now just resembles a mass of broken wood within your garden. So now you need a new garden fence, but you don’t know which option to go for? Well, as established fencing contractors within Cardiff, we build many different types of wooden

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Which type of garden fence would you recommend if we wanted a strong fence?

Introduction Autumn is nearly here, the leaf’s have already started to fall, so we all know that the cold weather is not that far away. And this weather often brings heavy storms, and therefore often powerful gusts of winds, which will often damage many garden fences.   Therefore one of the most common questions

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Why replace when you can repair?

Introduction You may have a large garden, so to replace the whole garden fence, well, that might be expensive, right? So, if you have one section, or a few sections of wooden fencing that have become broken, well why not call us for a quote to repair your fence?   Here’s the type of fencing

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