We can offer fencing, decking and even garden rooms in Cardiff

Introduction We can help you to transform your garden here in Cardiff. We can offer you many different gardening services, these can range from installing quality composite decking, right through to building a large garden room. Our business therefore can help to transform your entire garden, whether you own a small garden that is only

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Do you build garden rooms and summerhouses within Cardiff?

Introduction Our company also builds high-quality garden rooms and also summerhouses throughout Cardiff. We can make many different types of garden rooms and summerhouses, for example we can make a small wooden summerhouse, right through to a very large L-shaped summerhouses. We also offer our customers many different options to choose from, for example, you

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Which are the most popular garden fencing options that you offer?

Introduction There are quite simply many different types of garden fencing to choose from, this can range from the inexpensive, like panel fencing through to hardwood fencing. This means that when your old fence needs replacing, you may not know which option to go for? For example, you may not know whether to go

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We need a new garden fence built- can your company help?

Introduction Here in Cardiff, South Wales there are a wide range of different gardens within the city, for example, there are some gardens which are very small, and therefore require a short length of wooden fencing to be built. However, here in Cardiff there are also some very large gardens in areas like Roath, Cyncoed,

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Garden decking Cardiff

Introduction Why not make the most of this summer by hiring us to build high-quality wooden decking within your garden? We can offer the following services: ·        Garden fencing ·        Garden decking ·        Garden Rooms ·        Summerhouses We have built many high-quality timber fences and also wooden decking right throughout Cardiff and South Wales.

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Cardiff Summerhouses & Garden Rooms

Summerhouses and also garden rooms are increasing in popularity right across Cardiff. And it’s clear to see why- that’s because so many homeowners now want a brand-new wooden summerhouse built within a garden to serve as a place to work from or to simply as a place to relax within.

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Fencing Cardiff- how we can help

  Introduction A lot of homeowners right across the city of Cardiff, South Wales will want to improve their gardens before the summer does finally arrive. That’s to say a lot of homeowners will be searching Google for “Fencing Cardiff”- and looking for a reputable company that can install high-quality timber garden fencing at a

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Why not improve your garden with wooden decking?

Introduction The sunshine has finally arrived, its now time to sit out our gardens and enjoy a cup of coffee now that the summer has finally arrived. It’s just when you do sit out the back, well you would really like a place to enjoy the sunshine, so why not hire us to build wooden

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We need a new garden fence built- yet we do not know which option to go for

Often when a homeowner here in Cardiff, South Wales gives us a call, it's because their old fence has fallen over and now needs replacing with a quality wooden fence. That’s to say the homeowner may have built the garden fence themselves, it’s just they can remember when they built the fence, and it

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We need a fencing company that offers emergency fence repair- can your business help?

Introduction Across Wales recently we have incurred some really bad weather, whether that be flash floods, or strong winds our garden fences have often become damaged. And it’s these strong winds have therefore blown over many garden fences, this is why a fencing company Cardiff is often required, and this is where Hyden Bros can

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