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Fencing Contractors in Cardiff

Hyden Bros are an established fencing company based within Cardiff, South Wales. We specialise in building wooden fencing as well as timber decking.

Many homeowners and companies hire us because we simply build high-quality fencing quickly.

Our workmanship is always to the highest of standards, plus we only employ experienced carpenters.

We can also offer a wide range of different fencing options to choose from, for example this ranges from feather edge fencing right through to hardwood fencing, such as red cedar wood.

Domestic and commercial fencing

Many homeowners and businesses within Cardiff hire us because we specialise in building just fencing and wooden decking. This means that we work quickly, yet always building high-quality fences.

With a reliable team, modern vans and equipment, such as nail guns, we are able to build any sized wooden fence quickly.

We have therefore worked with large construction businesses, right through to building garden fencing for residential customers that may only take a single day to build the entire fence.

We can therefore build any type of wooden fence.

Feather edge and concrete posts

No matter if you’re a business, or a homeowner looking for a fence that offers great value, a very popular option would be to hire us to build a feather edge fence with concrete posts.

Reliable fencing contractors

We understand that no matter if you’re a residential customer looking for a new garden fence, or a house builder looking for miles of timber fencing to be built, you want to hire a reliable fencing contractor that has a team that works quickly.

We have a very reliable team, this is why we are a Cardiff fencing contractor that is asked repeatedly by many businesses to build wooden fencing.

Equally we have grown as a business within Cardiff as many homeowners have recommended us to friends and family.

Plus, if you’re a homeowner looking for a more luxurious garden fence, then we also build garden fencing using hardwoods as well.

Cardiff garden fencing

Therefore no matter if you need a fencing company to build a garden fence, or perhaps you need a fencing business that has the team to build a large fence around a new housing estate, then Hyden Bros can help.

Free quotes

No matter where the wooden fence needs to be built within Cardiff, South Wales, we always offer free quotes.

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