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Which garden fencing options do you offer and how much do they cost?

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    Introduction Your current fence might be looking a bit worse for wear?  So, its not exactly enhancing your garden, in matter of fact, well its letting it down. Your current fence might have fencing slats which have dropped down, so you can see right the way through the fence, and on other sections

Are you looking for a garden maintenance company?

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    Introduction Sometimes, some homeowners call us as just want a garden fence repaired or replaced, yet sometimes we are the company that’s chosen because the homeowners really want to push the boat out, and have their whole garden improved. Sometimes therefore the homeowner wants our company can transform the whole garden and improve

Our last garden fence fell down due to wood worm and wood rot, what would you recommend could help the next fence last a bit longer?

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  Fencing Cardiff Sometimes when our cars are about to let this down, they might let out a bit of a squeak or rattle from the engine, which gives us a bit of a warning that something is about to go wrong and that we need to put some money aside for the mechanic. If

What’s the cheapest fencing options that your company offers?

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    Introduction We are all in this cost of living crisis together, which means that prior to inflation soaring, we might have opted for a more expensive garden fencing option. However, let’s say during a strong storm, your whole fence blows over and you didn’t expect to have to face the cost of having

Fencing contractors near to me

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Introduction You may have a perfectly landscaped garden, with a nice lawn, a patio and perhaps even composite decking? The garden therefore looks absolutely superb, you might even have a large garden room that has been built in one part of the garden. However, with that said, there might be still one part of the

A guide to post and rail wooden fencing

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  Wooden fencing Wales We are fencing contractors that can build every single type of wooden fencing, this includes “post and rail fencing”, this type of fencing often used around agricultural land and large luxury homes. This guide will tell you everything that you need to know about post and rail fencing, and why many

We want a strong fence to be built what would you recommend?

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Introduction You may have woken up on one winter’s morning, to open the blinds on your windows, to look out at all of your garden fencing has blown over, and its so badly damaged that it is not repairable. You might now be looking for a local fencing contractor such as Hyden Bros to recommend

Do you know that we also build summerhouses as well?

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Introduction As a company that employs many carpenters, we can therefore also offer to build wooden summerhouses as well in the city of Cardiff. Therefore, if you really want to push the boat out, and improve your garden, then we could build a brand new garden fence, a new timber summerhouse also new decking for

How to build a garden fence

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  Introduction   Now when you look at a garden fence, it’s a relatively simple construction, right? Well in most certainly years, but it’s so easy to get it wrong as well and for you to sit back in your house once it is built and think, that doesn’t look straight or why then fencing

What are the cheaper fencing options that you offer?

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Fencing Cardiff At the moment the news is awash with stories of inflation, rising food prices, interest rates and the price of fuel is going up, so it’s no wonder that when a homeowner needs to buy something like a new garden fence, they might now be looking at the more cheaper options we offer.