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The art of installing Gravel Boards

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  Ah, gravel boards, the unsung heroes of your garden fence! Some fencing contractors, might not install these, however we would most definitely recommend paying a bit more to get concrete gravel boards added, because they simply often allow your fence the last longer. These sturdy additions to your fence are the key to a

What are the main benefits of choosing feather edge fencing?

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  Introduction So let’s say, that your current fence is looking a bit worse for wear, and in some sections, part of the fencing is moving back in full in the wind. You have concerns, that you’ll Yorkshire terrier, might escape, so you need the fence replaced urgently. However, since you’ve lived in your property,

We need a low-cost garden fence built- what types of fencing can you offer?

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  Introduction At the current time of writing, a lot of people are feeling the cost-of-living crisis, in that at the end of the month, they might not have as much disposable income as they once did. So, if your house needs unexpected repairs, let’s say that roof tiles fall off the roof, or that

Feather edge boards- why do so many people use these for their garden fencing?

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  Introduction If you were to walk down a lane, in most streets in the United Kingdom, let’s say that you are on a dog walk, you will notice that most of the houses will have a garden fence made from feather edge. Feather edge is by far one of the most popular types of

What’s the cheapest fencing options you offer?

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      Introduction More people are looking for fencing they can pay for monthly or fencing which is low cost, and this makes complete sense. In a cost-of-living crises, if our fence falls over, or let’s say the roof on our houses suddenly need repairing, then this can mean that we are hit with

What are the main benefits of having a hit and miss fence built?

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  Introduction When a homeowner, is thinking about having a brand-new garden fence constructed, they often think about either a panel fence or close board fencing. A lot of homeowners, opt for lap panel fencing, simply because it’s very cheap, so a garden fence can be built at a low cost. On the other hand,

What is “close board” fencing and what are the benefits of ownership?

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    Introduction So, you’ve just had a local fencing contractor around, and you’ve said, “give us a quote for durable, long-lasting fence”. And you’ve been sent an e-mail, which has provided you with a quote for “close board” fencing, and your now bit confused, as you don’t know what close board fencing is, or