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Why do so many people choose palisade fencing?

You might you a commercial building, and you are now looking at various types of steel fencing to help improve the security of your business premises? And there are many to choose from, ranging from plastic coated welded mesh, chain-link and also vertical bar.

Well, there is a type of steel fence, that wins hands down in terms of its popularity-not just here in Cardiff that right across the United Kingdom. This type of fence is widely used, around factories, airports large car parks and also other business premises such as offices.

Within this article we are going to concentrate on explaining the many benefits of this type of fence, and what makes it different from other types of steel fencing.

First things first, what exactly is palisade fencing? How is it made?

This type of fence, can be made from British steel, that is mild British Steel. It has a relatively simple construction, a sturdy galvanised steel post, is simply anchored into the concrete.

Then a long angular piece of galvanised steel is used as the rail, then simply each piece of palisade fencing, is simply bolted and fixed in place onto the rail. This type of fence, therefore can be built quickly, the main reason for that is the this type of fence, is already partially assembled.

The fencing contractor then just needs to bolt, each section of palisade fence into place.

How long have you been building this type of steel fence?

We’ve been building steel fencing  for well over 10 years. So our company is well-known for building security fencing. During this time we have also expanded our services, offering to also install automated barriers.

During this time we have taken on contracts which vary in value from just £1000, possibly to repair a section of a fence, right through to large high-value fencing contracts for large well-known companies.

This type of fence is used all across Cardiff and South Wales, to help the improve the security of many different types of business premises. For example, it can be used to improve the security of car parks, right to surrounding a large manufacturing building.

Can you also repair palisade fencing?

Yes, we most certainly can, frequently large lorries, that is artic lorries, sometimes reverse too far and hit the fence. This can cause the slats and the post to become buckled, often they need to be cut out using a circular saw, and then replaced Then this type of fence there needs to be repaired, we also offer to repair steel fencing as well.

We need a long length of steel fencing built within Cardiff, which will run for over a mile, are you capable of building long lengths of palisade fencing?

Palisade fences are often built along railway lines, around huge factories as well as car parks which might easily store over 1000 cars.

Therefore, when a business requires a palisade fence to be built, sometimes, it will mean building mile after mile of palisade fencing. Our company is capable of installing long lengths of fencing, we have the excavators, we have a large team of staff, and we also have the experience of building many steel fences. So, when a long length of steel fence needs to be built, we are often the company that is contacted within Cardiff.

Can you remove our old fence?

You might at the current time, have a chain-link fence, that’s sagging in parts, part of it might have fallen down, and also the concrete posts might be leaning posing a health and safety hazard.

We can bring in our team of fence builders, a mini excavator and also   place our skips on your business premises to put your old fence into. Therefore, we can also remove your old fence, and we can dispose of it for you.

In its place then we can build a brand-new palisade fence, which will be very long lasting.

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