Cardiff fencing- how much does a new fence cost? Hyden Bro’s explains


Whether you live within Rumney, Llanishen or Roath in Cardiff, many homeowners will require the services of a reliable Cardiff fencing company, like Hyden Bro’s Fencing.

But, which ever fencing company you do choose, what influences the cost of your new garden fence often boils down to one of three things, that’s whether the company will offer you quality timber, the size of the fence that needs to be built and also what type of fence you would like, for example feather edge or red cedar fencing?

So we thought we would answer a question that a lot of homeowners are bound to be asking, and that is this, how much will it cost to get a new garden fence built within Cardiff?

How much will my new garden fence cost me?

Well, of course this will depend on which company you do choose, yet many companies choose Hyden Bros here in Cardiff to build their garden Cardiff fencing and here’s why:

We offer a huge range of garden fencing for you to choose from

Would you like a quote for feather edge, hit and miss, panel fencing or hardwood fencing? Here at Hyden Bros if you choose us to build your new fence, well we can simply offer you a massive range of fencing options to choose from.

How large is your garden fence?

Cost will be dependant on how large your garden is here in Cardiff, however with that said, if you do have a large garden that requires a new wooden fence, well do not fear, as here at Hyden Bros our estimator will be able to talk you through a range of garden fencing options which vary in price. We can offer affordable options, and also more expensive options such as hardwood fencing.


So, what is the cheapest fencing option?

Well, often panel fencing is the cheapest option, however many homeowners here in Cardiff also opt for feather edge fencing as well.

Okay, so do you cover the whole of Cardiff?

We most certainty do, so whether your property is located in Cyncoed, or perhaps you live at the other end of Cardiff, and you would like a quote for garden fencing say in St Mellons, Cardiff, well we can offer you a free quote for fencing where ever your home is located within Cardiff.

Will it take long for my new fence to be built?

We realise that homeowners do not want to take off a large amount of time from work, in order to get a new garden fence and garden gates built while we build your new wooden fence.

This is why we employ a highly efficient team; we therefore build fences quickly for both our commercial customers, but also our domestic customers as well.

Also, some homeowners do request a total transformation of there gardens here in Cardiff, that’s to say they hire us not just to build new wooden fencing, but also new wooden decking and a brand-new wooden summerhouses at the same time.

Do you have customers that I could call within Cardiff for a reference?

 We realise that there are now so many garden maintenance businesses here in Wales, there are quite literally hundreds, which offer everything from cutting down trees within a garden, through to building driveways and offering fencing services as well.

So, with this much competition, and so many Cardiff fencing contractors for you to choose from, well you may have a difficult job knowing which company to choose.

However, Hyden Bros have a huge amount of satisfied customers, and this is what separates us from so many other garden maintenance companies.

This means where some companies offer a wide range of services, from building block paved driveways, through to cutting down trees, well we at Hyden Bro’s instead only offer three services, which are to build garden decking and fencing as well as to build summerhouses.

What if there’s an old fence and concrete posts that need to be removed, will this cost us extra?

Normally most customers will have an old fence that needs to be removed first, so normally there’s say an old panel fence, which has concrete in the ground that needs to be broken and removed.

We can offer a quote to do this, we can then dispose of your old fence for you.

Do you also build garden fencing outside of Cardiff?

Yes, we have built many wooden fences for customers which are located in the Vale of Glamorgan within Penarth as well.

We have built many summerhouses in Penarth as well.

How can we arrange for a free quote to be provided?

If you would like to obtain a free quote, then just give us a call today?

We have a full-time estimator which means that we can quickly offer you a free quote.

We will be able to show you different quotes for say feather edge fencing or if you would like panel fencing instead.

We offer competitive prices, so whether you’re a business that needs a new fence built in Cardiff, or you’re a homeowner that needs a new fence built, well, why not give us a ring?

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