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Affordable Garden Fencing

Affordable wooden fencing  

We offer high-quality timber fencing, we mostly build wooden fences within Cardiff.

If you require a robust fence, that’s offered at an affordable price, then why not give us a ring?

Affordable options

Sometimes an old wooden fence can fall down unexpectedly, this can often occur when we have bad weather. This can mean that the homeowner is faced with the unexpected cost of replacing the wooden fence.

Most homeowners are also aware that certain fencing options, that the homeowner may construct themselves, may not last that long or provide the best value for money.

Yet, at the same time, having a fence installed by a professional company may be deemed as too expensive by some homeowners.

The solution to this problem is rather simple, and that’s to choose Hyden Bro’s Fencing. We can often offer much lower prices than some of the competition, and that’s due to how we efficiently install our garden fences.

We have experience of installing countless commercial wooden fences as well, this means we are used to meeting deadlines. This experience has meant we have had to adopt efficient working practices, which means we can install our fences quickly and at an affordable price.

You describe your fences as affordable, yet are they still high quality?

We only purchase timber, such as feather edge wood from quality suppliers within Cardiff. We also only employ experienced labourers to install our timber fences, these two factors combined means that we can offer an unrivalled service.

Every single fence that we construct is made to last. We therefore have invested in machinery and equipment which makes digging holes, levelling the ground, and installing our fences more efficient.

Our fences are therefore of the highest quality, yet our efficient processes allows us to offer you an affordable price.  

Which garden fencing options do you offer within Cardiff?

We can build the following garden fences within Cardiff:

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