Mesh Fencing



Welded Mesh Fencing

Mesh fencing is becoming more and more popular right across Britain and with good reason. Often its cheaper than other types of steel fencing, can be built very quickly, its long lasting, plus the owner benefits from having the steel wire “galvanised” simply meaning, its more able to resist rust, which is absolutely crucial in our wet and cold climate.


Do you build security mesh fencing?

Yes, we do, we work for businesses of all sizes, ranging from just building say 10 metres of security mesh fencing, through to building 100 miles of this type of fencing around a huge factory. We offer very competitive prices.


Galvanised steel wire

The metal wire that’s used to construct the wire mesh, can be galvanised, this is essential as otherwise the fence would simply rust, and in a few short years the fence will most likely need to replaced again. So galvanised wire is important, plus, we would recommend paying that bit more for the fence to be powder coated as well, just adding an extra layer of protection, that helps to slow down the rust process.


Profile Mesh

Sometimes this type of fence is called profile mesh, it can be bought in different thicknesses.

Plus, this type of fence does come in different heights, the profile mesh comes in panels which will have already been made in a factory, we just need to then install this type of fence.


Powder coating

We would highly recommend opting for the fence posts, the brackets, the fence panels to all be powder coated.

The fence will be galvanised, yet, its important to have the posts, the brackets and the panels powder coated as well, so they last longer, this will mean that the fence is more able to resistant rusting.


Variety of heights

we can simply welded mesh panels which come in a range of heights, from the extra tall to more shorter fences. We can build this type of fence into the soil, or into a concrete slab. We also have JCB excavators that we can use, to either level the ground, or to put what’s called a hydraulic hammer on the end, to break the concrete, so we can insert a post into to the ground.

We always use high quality concrete.


Twin Mesh Panels

If you would like the fence to be more durable, and be more secure, then do opt for twin mesh panels, they are more expensive, yet the fence is tougher.

Again, if you do opt for twin mesh panels, do make sure the steel wire is galvanised, and also that the whole fence is powder coated.


Heavy duty option

If you are looking for a more heavy-duty type of steel fence, to be built around your business, then we would recommend opting for steel palisade fence, we build this option as well.

Around the city of Cardiff, as well as Newport, which are in South Wales, our business has already built countless number of commercial fences, this can range from chain link, with concrete posts, through to galvanised, powder coated wire mesh fences. We can also supply razor wire, as well as barbed wire, our company can also install automatic bollards, so when a truck approaches, they can be lowered.


High Mesh Gate

As well as the fences, we can also supply and install the gates as well.

We can supply high mesh gates, our company can also automatic bollards, razor wire, and automatic barriers, all of these can improve the security of your business premises.

We also have a team that installs our commercial fencing all over the United Kingdom.


Profile Mesh Posts

We will use high quality powder coated posts.


Domestic and Industrial Fencing

We don’t just build steel fences, we also build every type of wooden fence as well, ranging from acoustic fence, made of wood, through to feather edge.


Steel Palisade

We also build palisade fencing in Newport, we also build metal fence in Cardiff. For a quote, from our company director Kingsley, we not call us today.


Mesh Fencing

We build welded mesh fencing in Cardiff, we also build steel fences, in Newport.

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