Which type of garden fence should we opt for?

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Introduction Within this great city called Cardiff, there are many different types of gardens. From your homes based close to the city centre, that tend to have small gardens, right through to areas that have large Victorian homes, and grand gardens to match. But no matter if you have a gigantic garden, or a small

The benefits of having wooden decking installed

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Introduction Here at Hyden Bro’s we increasingly being asked by customers to not just install a new garden fence, but to also install wooden decking at the same time. We think that wooden decking is a great way to enhance any garden, so this articles dedicated to explaining all of the benefits it can bring.

Quality garden fencing has never been so affordable

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Introduction Are you fed up with having to replace one garden fence with another? Does it seem as though that in a blink of eye your garden fence needs either repairing, painting or replacing altogether? Well do not fear! That’s because we have the solution. The answer to this problem is to allow us to