We now also build all types of security fencing

Date: 30/01/2024

Security Fencing Wales

Right across South Wales, different businesses will require different types of security fencing.

We can now build anytype of security fence anywhere within South Wales, this includes:


We build all types of metal fences

Some businesses will require extra strong, durable, tall galvanised wire mesh fencing. Others might just want a simple, and relatively low-cost fence, which extends right around the staff car park. From chain link, through to acoustic fences, we now build it all.


All value fencing contracts welcome

We take on high-value, large fencing contracts for local government, councils, charities and also the private sector.
We can also build timber fencing, for example sometimes acoustic fencing is required by number of businesses in Wales as well.


So, what exactly is security fencing?

What a business might sometimes need, is a range of different security fencing built at one location. For example around the car park a relatively simple fence might be needed let’s say chain-link fence.

The around the actual business premises, where goods are stored, which might be let’s say high-value electrical goods, you might want paliside fencing you might want to combine this with razor wire.

Then there is different types of security systems to help control vehicle access.

Our company can install automatic bollards, which raise up and down at the press of a button in the security office.

There’s barriers which can raise up and down, as also gates which can open on a hydraulic levers as well.

We can therefore install the following:

– Every type of steel fence
– Automatic bollards
– Steel barriers
– Wooden fencing


We have worked for many large businesses
Why our fencing company is often chosen, not just by huge multinational PLC businesses in Wales, but also many small businesses, is we will aim to offer you a cost-effective solution.

When you hire our huge workforce, we can build any type of steel fence quickly.

Free advice

So, you might have recently taken over the lease or recently purchased a large factory. And at this current time. you want to hire a local fencing contractor, to come out and recommend different types of security fencing solutions for you. The factory might be going for storing low-value products, such as food, to high-value products, so the fencing needs to be made stronger.

Can you build high security fencing?

You might want ultra-security, such as a very tall fence, with razor wire right around the perimeter of the site.
You might want us to also build a crash barrier in front of the fence or behind so a vehicle can’t ram the fence.

Alternatively the business premises might just need a relatively low-security type of fence, for example it might just need a chain-link fence.

Chain link fences are brillant for say surrounding a car park, or a office block, that doesn’t need a high-security fence built.

Manufactured to last the test of time

What you undoubtedly want, is a fence that is made from high-quality materials.

We can supply fences made using quality British steel. You don’t want a metal fence that is going to rust quickly, or for the gates to fall off its hinges.

This could happened if the welds on the gates are weak.Because of incorrect or simply weak arc-welding, could mean the gates may need repairing after a relatively short period of time. So our company uses steel gates and fencing which is fabricated to last the test of time. We use high-quality British Steel.

We can also add a lot of barbed wire as well as razor wire to the top of the gates and steel fence, to further improve the security of your business premises.

Here in South Wales, what is the most commonly used type of fencing?

What level of security does the business premises require?

Sometimes the whole reason why we as fencing contractors are called that particular business, is because it incurred an attack and goods were stolen.

Perhaps a stolen vehicle is driven through the gates, and a lot of high-value products were stolen.

The business therefore might have made a decision, that the current fencing is not sufficient therefore needs to be replaced with new fencing.

We can therefore come out and recommend different types of security fencing that we can build. Perhaps ditches need to be dug with an excavator, perhaps steel bollards, and barriers need to be installed, perhaps multiple fences need to be constructed.


Access points, what type of steel gates do you want built?

Some business premises will see hundreds of lorries going in and out of the yard each and every day. For example perhaps the business is a distribution business, perhaps the company in South Wales is distributing food right across Wales? Therefore perhaps artic lorries are coming in and out on a regular basis.

Therefore it would not be suitable to have a steel fence built that needs to be manually opened and closed, because there is simply too many vehicles going in and out. The gates would instead need to be automatic, powered by electric, perhaps so they roll back and close. We can also offer large gates, which can be opened by a hydraulic ram.

Our Welsh fencing company will supply quality gates, bollards and fencing

Undoubtedly, throughout the United Kingdom, there will be fencing contractors which might offer lower quotes than us.

However, if the fence, let’s say the palisade fence is not put together that well, then you might simply fall apart. The steel used is sometimes cheap, meaning the fence is weaker, more flimsy. We instead supply and build quality fencing.

Matching to your surroundings

In Wales, we have a lot of factories, employing a lot of people. Sometimes factories are built close to people’s homes, the business might have made a decision that they want a steel fence that actually blends more into the surroundings.

You might therefore want a fence, such as welded mesh or palisade which is powder coated a light-coloured green?
This is so the security fence blends nicely into the lawn in the grass and shrubbery and the trees that are behind the fence?


Acoustic fencing

So let’s say that a new fence needs to be built around a builders merchants.

The company will want a solid and robust high-security fence around part of the business, to prevent the theft of their building materials such as the RSG steels, roof tiles, and timber.

Yet at the back of the light industrial unit at that builders merchants, might be a lot of forklift trucks working throughout the day.

These forklift trucks might drive at some speed, over rough concrete.

This causes noise and vibration noise. Therefore neighbouring properties my be aggravated by the sound of the forklift trucks driving up and down the yard, loading lorries.

Therefore we can build “acoustic fencing” around the back to possibly help better contain some of that noise.
For acoustic fencing to work, we would need to come and meet you at your business premises in Wales, and then we can offer advice whether we think that type of fence would be effective at dampening some of the noise that’s generated by your business.


We can now build security/steel fencing in any location right throughout the United Kingdom
Whether you live in Cardiff, London or perhaps Edinburgh, we now have a team of security fence builders that can travel throughout the United Kingdom.

We can build:

  • Palisade fencing
  • Wire mesh fencing
  • Chain link fencing
  • Install CCTV
  • We can install bollards
  • We can install crash barriers

We have invested in a modern fleet of vans, we have a large and highly talented workforce. Our teams regularly travel taking on large and small value fencing contracts here in Britain.

Sometimes these fencing contracts require quite a lot of construction work, such as us installing steel bollards, automatic gates and security fencing which extends for acres around some business premises.

We are therefore the company to call, when you need security fencing built around your industrial and commercial business premises.


Security fencing Wales

We can build steel security fencing, such as palisade fencing anywhere within Wales. Call us to arrange for a quote.

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