How to build a rock-solid garden fence


Here within Cardiff there are so many different types of gardens, that’s to say gardens can range from your large gardens, often found in areas like Cyncoed, right through to your gardens that are are normally a bit more compact, and these are often located much closer to the city centre of Cardiff.

Yet there’s one thing that unites most gardens, and that is often a wooden fence is often needed to separate your garden from your neighbours garden.

With that said, here in Britain our wet and cold climate makes this country an ideal place for wood rot to set in to your garden fence.

So sometimes when some homeowners build a low-quality fence themselves, well it’s sometimes safe to say the fence may need repair or replacement after a short period of time.

However, here at Hyden Bros we build top quality, rock-solid, garden fences, and this means we have fencing experts that work for our business.

So, we thought we would offer our expertise in order to help you to build a solid wooden fence in your garden.

Here’s some top tips to help you to build your new wooden fence.

Shop around, often the quality of wood can vary massively

All wooden fences are the same, right? Well, no actually the quality of the wood can sometimes vary massively.

That’s to say some fencing products can sometimes be low quality. Sometimes this could be due the wood not being correctly treated to prevent wood rot.

If the wood has not been treated so it can withstand outdoor weather conditions, the wood will often rot much quicker. For example, wood rot can set in to the base of the wooden posts, and this can sometimes cause the whole fence to fall over.

Also, if you have a large garden, then often strong winds will often be hitting your fence, so you also have to ensure the wooden posts are thick enough to withstand the stresses and strains that gusts of wind can impose on your fence.

If you live in an area where the winds are particularly strong, for example near the sea side, then we would recommend talking to one of our members of staff to see how we can offer an extra strong fence.

Speak with your neighbours

Some homeowners believe that they can erect a new wooden fence in just a matter of a few hours, however often there’s a lot of work that goes into building a new garden fence.

Often there will be a lot of noise from using hammers or a nail gun to construct your new fence, so its always a good idea to speak to your neighbours first. It’s a good idea to discuss with your neighbour that your planning on building a new fence, and if the height of the fence is different, speak with your neighbours about what your new fence will look like.

We build many Cardiff fencing, so we build a lot of garden fences, so we often find that if someone is building a taller fence than the one that’s being replaced, well sometimes this can aggravate some neighbours.

So do discuss with your neighbours about the fence you are building first.

Also, often an old fence will need to be removed, and often concrete will need to be broken where the old fence posts once were.

This often means a lot of waste will need to be taken away. You may therefore want to ask your neighbours if you can also work within their garden, this is to tidy-up and remove any waste soil or concrete that’s likely to come from the old fence being dismantled.

Set-out where the fence will go first

Its very common if someone is building a new garden fence themselves, for the fence to easily start looking wonky.

That’s to say the last thing you want is to be lying out in your garden over the summer, and you start to notice that the whole fence is not dead-straight.

So, in order to avoid building a wonky fence, we would highly recommend marking where your new fence is going to go first.

This will also allow you to plan if there are going to be any obstructions, such as any plants or bushes that will need cutting back first.

Get the concrete mix just right

Here’s a top tip, you may think that when building a new garden fence within Cardiff, that often each fence won’t require that much concrete?

Wrong! Often most fences require quite a bit of concrete, especially if you want the wooden posts to be extra strong.

So why not hire a concrete mixer? Often the cost to hire a concrete mixer isn’t that much, but a concrete mixer will often save you a lot of work.

Also make sure that you get the concrete mix just right, sometimes some people add too much sand, this can make a weak concrete mix.

When building a new fence, the last thing you want is weak concrete, as the fence can move around in the wind.

The weak concrete can allow the fence posts to move, as they move they can create more of space around the fence posts and the concrete, this is often how a lot of fences eventually fall over.

Think about the garden fence design that you want

Some homeowners believe that there isn’t much in the way of choice when it comes to choosing a new garden fence.

This means that some homeowners think there’s just wooden panel fencing and feather edge fencing to choose from.

However, there is quite simply loads of other fencing options, there’s hardwood fencing like red cedar, and there’s also hit and miss fencing for example.

Also why not build a fence that changes over time, so for example adding trellis on the top, so climbing plants can grow and change the appearance of your fence?

We have even seen some fences used to grow grapes! So, you really do have many options of fencing that you can choose from.

Don’t delay, make sure your fence gets painted

It’s always worth giving the fence a coat of paint, with a quality fence paint. This way you can not only make your fence look the way you want, but also you will be helping to protect your fence.

Or perhaps we could build your new fence?

If don’t want to have to go through all the hassle of building your own garden fence, we can offer you a quote instead.

We have a team of carpenters that can build your new garden fence, and our prices are very affordable.

So if your looking for Cardiff fencing, why not call Hyden Bro’s.

Here’s the types of fencing that we can offer:

Feather edge

By far one of the most popular fencing options. Feather edge is often used in gardens, and also for commercial applications, such as fencing around a car park.

Hit and miss fencing

Many homeowners in Cardiff opt for hit and miss fencing, this is now a very popular option.

Hardwood garden fencing

Would you like a more luxurious type of garden fence? Well, why opt for a hardwood garden fence?

We have built countless fences within Cardiff, that have been made from hardwoods, such as red cedar.

Top quality wooden fences

Quite simply put, if you need a Cardiff fencing company, then why not call Hyden Bros? We are fencing contractors that have over 7 years’ worth of experience building wooden fences.

Why not give us a call?

If your thinking of having a new garden fence, then why not give us a call?

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