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Mesh Fencing

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    Welded Mesh Fencing Mesh fencing is becoming more and more popular right across Britain and with good reason. Often its cheaper than other types of steel fencing, can be built very quickly, its long lasting, plus the owner benefits from having the steel wire “galvanised” simply meaning, its more able to resist rust,

We also build “zinc coated steel palisade fencing”

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  What is steel palisade fencing Right across Great Britain, a wide range of businesses, rely on steel palisade fencing to make their business premises more secure. When this type of fence is well built, it requires very little maintenance and is very strong.   Do you take on large fencing contracts? We most certainly

Our fencing company can build all  types of security fencing as well as automatic gates

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  We have multiple teams which install our security fencing across Britain. We can install any type of steel fence for a business (palisade, welded mesh and chain link security fencing) we can also build automated gates and automatic barriers for companies which are based right throughout the United Kingdom.   What types of metal

Why is palisade fencing so popular within the city of Cardiff, South Wales?

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  Here at Hyden Bros, we have been building palisade and other types of steel fencing, within South Wales for well over 10 years. We can supply British made steel, which has been completely galvanised. We can supply therefore galvanised posts, galvanised rails and galvanised steel fencing slats. Because we now have a large team