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How much does a brand-new garden fence actually cost?

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Introduction Sometimes us homeowners will get hit by unexpected bills. That’s to say maybe our boiler will suddenly decide to stop working, or the roof may start to leak. These sorts of unexpected bills can sure be annoying. And sometimes during strong winds a lot of people wake-up to find that their old fence had

We want a garden fence that will last a long time- what factors should we consider?

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With the exception of the odd DIY enthusiast, most people detest the idea of having to carryout DIY tasks over the weekend. After all, the idea of searching around in garage for the tools that you need, then having to drive to a local DIY store for items you haven’t got, well it can all

What makes our company so different from all the other garden fencing businesses?

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Let’s be fair, there are now so many companies that offer a massive range of garden maintenance services. Plus, as a bolt on service, many companies also offer to install garden fencing and decking. And with all these companies within Cardiff, this is often where a homeowner can start to get slightly confused at to

How to improve your garden this Christmas

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Okay, let’s be fair, around this time of year the last thing that will be on most people’s minds will be how to improve the appearance of their garden. And that’s simply because there are much more pressing priorities that we need to think about at this time of year, such as wrapping all those