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Composite Decking Cardiff

Composite decking is becoming much more popular,  this is due to a wide range of different reasons, these include being more environmentally friendly compared to timber, and also the decking being durable. Other reasons for choosing this type of decking include the wide range of colour options.

Within this page we are going to explain why composite decking is now so popular, as well as why Hyden Bros are often selected as the company in Cardiff, South Wales to build decking for both homeowners and businesses. Lets have a look at why so many people want composite decking as opposed to selecting wood.

Environmentally friendly

Depending on the manufacturer, composite decking can be made with up to 90% recycled materials.

This means that not only will you be obtaining a high-quality product, but your also helping to product the planet.

Timber alternatives should be sourced from retailers that ensure the product is from a sustainable source of wood.

However even with that said, trees will be cut down to make fencing, decking and summerhouses, even if the wood is from a sustainable managed forest.

This is why many homeowners and businesses want a more environmentally friendly product, one that’s made from recycled materials.

That’s why so many people opt for composite decking.

Composite decking is made by many different manufacturers, the quality can vary, yet here at Hyden Bros, we are established fencing and decking contractors, that’s why we only recommend top brands of decking.

Plus, when we meet you to offer you a free quote, we can explain the different brands of composite decking we offer, as well as informing you how much of the product is made using recycled plastics.

Can composite decking still incur wood rot?

A lot of the time, our fencing and decking company in Cardiff, South Wales is asked to quote to replace an old garden fence, or deck that’s become full of wood rot.

Due to our wet British climate, wood rot can set in quickly, whether that’s to a new fence, summerhouse or decking.

This means that some decking and garden fencing contractors can offer lower prices, that some of their direct competitors. Yet if this means the wood being used is low quality, then wood rot can occur.

This is why many homeowners across Cardiff want instead composite used in their garden.

We offer composite for fencing, decking as well as for the cladding when we build a garden room here in Wales.

Good quality composite does not suffer from wood rot, that’s because it’s a manufactured product, yet, what we would recommend is that you choose a good brand of composite decking, fencing, or cladding, as there are some cheaper composite products, yet these can sometime incur problems.

This is why when you hire us to build in Cardiff, South Wales, your fencing, decking or summerhouse, it will be built to a high standard, but using a top brand of composite as well.

What colours can we choose from?

Composite comes in a huge range of colours, there are products that are made to look like natural wood, yet there are other composite items, such as fencing that come in shades of blue, green and grey. Composite therefore comes in a massive range of colours.

When we meet you in Cardiff, to you offer you a free quote, we can show you the brochures from each of the manufacturers we supply, this way you can see the different colours that we can offer you.

Can you build decking, summerhouses and fencing at the same time?

Yes, sometimes in Cardiff a customer will want to improve their garden with our fencing, decking and perhaps a  new summerhouse as well.

Because we have a large team of carpenters, we can build all of this for you at the same time.

Is composite a lot more expensive than timber decking?

Yes, we would say typically speaking, composite that we supply tends to be quite a bit more expensive than if you were to hire our company to build timber decking.

Yet with that said, there are more benefits to owning composite decking, such as the fact that it can last longer, when built right, its more environmentally friendly as its made from recycled material, plus, it doesn’t need painting.

With all of these advantages, this is why a lot of our customers are willing to pay more for composite decking.

Do you still build timber decking?

Yes, we can build timber decking as well. We offer free quotes if you would like decking built in Cardiff. All of our decking is high quality.

Have you built a lot of decking in Cardiff?

Yes, our company builds decking for both businesses, such as restaurants, as well as homeowners. We have built decking in areas such as Roath, Cyncoed and Llanishen.

Can you also build steps up to our composite decking?

Yes, our carpenters can build the steps up to your decking, we can also build the handrail as well.

If we were to hire you, could you get the fence, decking and summerhouse cladding to match?

There are manufacturers of composite that produce garden room cladding, decking and also fencing, we can offer you a quote to build all of these, so that all of the items match.

The area where we want the decking built, is not level and covered with shrubbery, can you clear this for us?

Yes, we also can complete landscaping work, therefore often before we build decking in Cardiff, our mini-digger is needed to level the ground, and remove some soil.

We can include in our quote, a cost for landscaping work, which can include getting soil removed via a grab lorry.

We can also cut down old shrubbery and place it in a skip.

Would you like a quote for composite decking to be built in Cardiff?

We have estimators which can come and explain the different composite decking options we offer.

Our estimators can show you a brochure which shows the different colour options, then after a measure of the size decking you want, our estimators can get a quote back to you quickly.

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Do you offer free quotes?

Yes, we do, we can offer you a free quote anywhere in Cardiff.


Why opt for composite decking as opposed to using wood?

We can supply and install high quality composite, this means its more environmentally friendly as its made from recycled materials.

Do you also build timber decking?

Yes, we do, please have a look at our wooden decking page for more information.

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