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How to get your garden ready for summer easily

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Introduction Let’s be fair, it does feel as though this winter has dragged on forever and a day! So, as soon as the days start drawing back out, well we know that summer weather and barbecues are just around the corner! Yet jack-frost and all that horrid winter weather, well it might just have left

How to choose the right fencing contractor within Cardiff

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Introduction Within the great city of Cardiff, there are simply loads of fencing businesses to choose from. So, this is good in terms of having plenty of choice, yet whittling down those businesses, and knowing who to choose well that can sometimes be problematic! Yet, do not fear, as Hyden Bro’s will make the decision

5 top tips when building a new wooden fence

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Top tips when building a new wooden fence Introduction Many homeowners think that building a new wooden fence will be a piece of cake. That’s to say, in reality how hard can it really be? Surely it just entails a quick dash to the local DIY store, and some hammering of the wooden slats,