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Feather Edge Fencing

Feather edge fencing is also sometimes referred to as close board fencing. This option is by far one of the most popular options that most homeowners choose.

The reason why this form of wooden fencing is so popular, is simply because these fences are robust and made to last.

Many homeowners who construct their garden fence themselves, often get fed-up with the fact that cheap quality fencing will only last a few years before it needs to be replaced.

Feather edge fencing is different, the thick wooden slats, combined with sturdy wooden posts ensure that this type of fencing offers much better value for money.

How much does this type of wooden fence cost?

A lot of homeowners continually replace their garden fences themselves, as some homeowners may believe that a feather edge fence will be too expensive.

However, most homeowners are pleasantly surprised to find that we can install garden fences at an affordable price.

When you take into account that the timber is specially treated for outdoor weather conditions, and will therefore last longer, then this fencing option offers excellent value for money as well.

The cost to install a new feather edge fence is dependent on three factors:

  • Whether the ground needs to be landscaped to allow the new fence to be constructed
  • The size of the garden
  • Whether an old fence needs to be removed

No matter where your property is located within Cardiff or Newport, we can offer you a no obligation quote.

We often price our contracts at short notice, and at a time that is best suited to you.

Key Stats: Feather Edge Fencing


This fencing option is durable and robust

Price point:

Feather edge fencing is one of our most affordable options

Commercial or residential?

This fencing option is often used both for residential use and for commercial use as well

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