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More people than ever are purchasing composite decking and fencing. Wood rots need painting and eventually replacing.

If they are good quality, composites will last a very long time. It doesn’t need to be painted; the panels, therefore, come in a wide range of colours, and some have the benefit of looking like natural wood grain.

Therefore, you can benefit from composite fencing, which looks like it’s made from wood, but it’s an artificial product engineered to last and does not need painting. However, composite quality varies greatly; some products won’t last as long as quality brands.

We can bring a glossy brochure to show you the different composite brands. Some are guaranteed to last a very long time. We can recommend British-made brands that are top quality. The garden fence panels and the decking will look fantastic in any garden.


What is composite fencing?

Composite decking and fencing are often made from recycled rubbers and blended plastics to create an artificial product. This type of fencing and decking requires very little maintenance. Timber products, on the other hand, require a lot of maintenance. For example, they often need many coats of decking stain and fence paint every few years.

Experience the benefits of composite fencing: it’s low maintenance, resistant to rot and decay, and offers a sleek, modern look.

There are some excellent British manufacturers of composite decking and fencing. They offer a wide range of colours, and customers can be assured that they have bought a top-quality product that’s guaranteed to last.


Do you build composite decking?

We most certainly do. We build composite decking throughout Wales, not just for residential customers. If a coffee shop is creating an outdoor space for dining and espressos, we can also build composite decking for businesses.

Does composite fencing come in different colours?

Yes, it does; both composite garden fencing and decking come in a range of different colours. Some manufacturers of this product make a range of colours, from blue to dark brown shades.

We can bring a brochure to your garden showing you the different colour options.

We highly recommend a brand of composite decking called Millboard; it’s very high quality.


Does composite fencing need to be painted?

No, composite decking and panel fencing are made in a factory, where dyes are added to the product to give it a specific colour. Then, the fence or decking doesn’t need to be painted; that’s because it’s not made entirely from wood, so it can’t be painted; this makes this a very low-maintenance product.

How long is composite fencing guaranteed to last?

Different manufacturers will state different guarantee periods. When we meet with you, we can show you brochures which will stipulate different guarantee periods. Some manufacturers, which we recommend to our customers, offer very long guarantee periods.

Do you build composite decking and fencing in Cardiff, South Wales, United Kingdom?

Yes, in Cyncoed, Roath, Llanishen, and all over Cardiff, our hardworking fencing and decking builders are building composite fences and decking. They build this type of fencing and decking for commercial and residential customers.

We can install spotlights because our team has highly skilled electricians.

The spotlights are often LED lights, which help to illuminate the steps and the edge of the decking. This looks great on, say, a summer evening, but it also makes the steps safer, as you can more easily see them if the area is illuminated with many spotlights and running LED bulbs.


Call the fencing experts

Every week we are out building fencing in all weathers, building decking, fencing and Cardiff summerhouses. So, why not call us, we aim to provide quotes as soon as we possibly can.


Cardiff composite fencing


We build composite fencing and decking throughout Cardiff South Wales.

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