We now also build metal sliding gates as well as swing gates in Cardiff


Right across South Wales, many businesses either have steel sliding gates, or swing gates to enter the business premises. Sometimes the security of the building is further improved, through automatic bollards as well, which raise up and down as trucks approach the entrance.

We can install of these, we can install securing fencing, bollards, and gates.


Metal gate installers

Our company therefore builds electric sliding gates and swing gates in Wales.
The sliding gates can be opened via entering a pin code, sometimes, some companies have an automatic sensor fitted to their vans and lorries, so as they approach the steel sliding gates, they start to slide open automatically to allow the vehicle to enter.


Galvanised steel gates

We can install steel gates, whether this is for pedestrian access, so for example to allow entry for the businesses employees. We can install an gate, or a steel turn style gate.

We can also build separate gates for vehicle access.

We can therefore install steel gates, that require either a fingerprint to open the barrier or sliding gates, we can also offer pin code entry as well.


Automatic barriers

Our company can also install automatic barriers as well, these barriers raise either when a pin code is entered or if a security guard pushes a button, to allow the barriers to raise.

Do you install swing gates?

Our company can install steel swing gates, these gates are very long-lasting, due to the fact steel can be galvanised.
This means that the gates will last a long period of time, because they are galvanised, this means that the metal fence will be more resistant to rust.


Security fencing Wales

As well as installing automatic bollards, and automatic gates, we can also install a range of different security fencing for your business as well. Your business might choose therefore to have a welded mesh fence, and we have built a huge number of welded mesh fences all across South Wales.

Another popular type of security fence, is palisade fencing, this is a very long-lasting type of steel fence. This type of security fence is again galvanised, so it lasts a long period of time.

Alternatively, you might want vertical bar fencing, and we can also build this for you as well, we can build vertical bar fencing, which is made using galvanised metal, so that it is more resistant to rust.



Does your company also build acoustic fencing?

There might be part of your business premises which is close to residential properties.

Therefore, you might have for example a large yard, where multiple forklift trucks are moving back and for loading lorries throughout the day. You might want our fencing company to therefore build acoustic fencing, in that section of the yard, to help minimise some of the noise is created.

Acoustic fencing, doesn’t totally eliminate the noise that’s heard by surrounding properties, but it can help sometimes to reduce it. Our fence builders, can build an extra tall acoustic fencing, which is very high, and because the acoustic fence is designed to deflect noise back, it can help to reduce the noise heard by neighbouring houses.

Therefore, for some of our customers in South Wales, sometimes we are asked to build many different types of fencing on the one business premises, for example at the front of the property the business owner might want steel palisade fencing built, then near where the artic trucks are being loaded by forklift trucks, such as Toyota forklift trucks, the business owner might want us to build acoustic fencing, to help reduce some of that noise that’s being created.

Its important to note that all acoustic fencing will not totally eliminate the noise that’s heard by surrounding houses. Yet, we can come out, and offer advice as to whether acoustic fencing could be beneficial for your business, and also, businesses often then take decibel readings before and after the construction of the fence, to see how much of an improvement there has been,



Improve the security of your business

We can therefore build any type of security fencing for your business, we can automatic bollards and steel gates, which can help make your business premises more secure. We offer very competitive prices, and we offer free quotations.



Here’s a list of the types of security fencing we build in Wales:

• Fencing and access solutions
• Metal Security Gates
• Welded Mesh Fencing
• Automatic Swing and Sliding Gates
• Vertical Bar Railings
• Welded Mesh Security Panels
• Acoustic Security Barriers
• Steel Railings | Security Railings



Gate repair/fence repair

If your automatic gates need repairing, or perhaps as a section of fencing which needs repairing, why not call our company. We have worked for many businesses, we work the large businesses, we also work for small businesses, if you would like in no obligation quote then why not call us today.

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