Our fencing company can build every type of agricultural fencing

  Here in Wales, we have a huge number of farms, and homeowners that own properties within the countryside. This means that agricultural fencing, such as "plain wire fences", "cleft chestnut fencing", and "morticed post and rail fences" are in huge demand right across the country. We build this type of fencing all year around,

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We now build metal railings and also palisade fencing

Palisade Fencing Cardiff, South Wales     For over a decade, our company, has specialised in building timber fencing, mostly for residential customers. However, as our company expands, and we take on more and more staff, we have now started to also build metal railings, security fencing and also automatic barriers. Within this article, we

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Do you require steel security fencing to be built?

    Our company can build any type of metal security fencing. We are a fencing business, that travels all across the United Kingdom, building metal security fencing for businesses. We can build welded wire mesh, chain link fencing, vertical bar fencing, as well as many other options as well. We predominantly, build most of

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We now also supply and install metal railings within Wales

Metal railings are widely used throughout Wales, for example they are often used on many roads, rail-way lines and around parks. We therefore work with a wide range of different clients, this can range from civil engineering companies, which need metal railings built on a central island, to help people to cross the road more

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We now also build metal sliding gates as well as swing gates in Cardiff

  Right across South Wales, many businesses either have steel sliding gates, or swing gates to enter the business premises. Sometimes the security of the building is further improved, through automatic bollards as well, which raise up and down as trucks approach the entrance. We can install of these, we can install securing fencing, bollards,

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Acoustic fencing- how does it work?

  We have been building acoustic fencing all across the United Kingdom and Ireland for a long period of time. We have been building this type of fence now for over 10 years, working for large civil engineering companies, major house builders, and also home owners. Therefore our company has a huge amount of experience

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Do you build welded mesh fencing?

  A type of fencing, which is increasing in popularity, with many businesses is welded mesh fencing. Many industrial facilities, as well as commercial buildings, such as factories, now have welded mesh fencing surrounding the building. There are many benefits to choosing this type of commercial fence, in this article, we will explain the benefits

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Do you require security/metal fencing to be built? Call us today?

We have been building security fencing, well, for donkeys’ years now- we’re actually one of the longest established businesses building palisade fences in Wales. For example we have been building palisade fencing for well over 10 years. As you drive through Cardiff, many of the metal fences will be built by our business. Our diligent

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Do you build composite/wooden decking within Cardiff/Vale of Glamorgan?

  We are an established fencing and decking business, for well over 10 years, our business has been improving many gardens, right throughout the Vale of Glamorgan and Cardiff, by building log cabins, patios, artificial lawns building decking as well as fencing. In this blog post, we are going to talk about the different types

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Do you need palisade fencing or a security fence built?

  Here at Hyden Bros build, we specialise in building metal security fencing, all across Wales. We build metal railings, through to welded mesh fence- which is a type of long-lasting, highly durable and a welded mesh fence can be built at a very competitive price by our company.   Built to last, a lot

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