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We can build all types of garden decking, this includes hardwood and softwood, and we also offer a wide range of composite decking options to choose from as well. This is why our team, here at Hyden Bros, is always busy throughout the year building decking for our valued customers.

Improve your garden this summer- hire Hyden Bros to offer our wide range of gardening services
Every summer, we have multiple teams and are super busy building decking across Cardiff and Newport South Wales. We offer very affordable prices across our decking, and because we provide three different types of decking, we can cater to most different budgets. For example, we can build composite, hardwood, and softwood decking. The cheapest option is softwood, often made from fast-growing pine wood. All of the softwood decking we supply and fit is made using pressure-treated timber.



Because this softwood (Pine) is so fast-growing, it can be replaced by another tree. We are a fencing and decking company that will only ever use FSC-approved timber, so you can be rest assured that the timber we use comes from carefully managed forests.. This means that the wood we use comes from forests, mainly in Europe such as Lativa. Therefore, our timber, whether for fencing or decking, comes from FSC-approved forests.
We therefore only buy softwood and hardwood from Cardiff timber merchants, that supply, us here at Hyden Bros with FSC approved wood.


Reasons why you should choose our fencing & decking business:

We can supply and build high-quality composite and timber decking

Whether we supply decking boards made from composite or perhaps you want hardwood, we always use quality timber and composite boards. We buy our wood and composite from local builders merchants within Cardiff and Newport, and we know you will supply us with top-quality composite and wooden boards.

A lot of customers opt for a brand of composite decking called “Millboard”- this is very high quality, so we do recommend this brand of composite decking.


Would you like LED lighting installed on your decking stairs and decking boards?


Often, when there’s a nice warm breeze on a summer evening, you may want to sit out on your deck with a nice bottle of chilled wine or champagne?

When it turns to dusk and nighttime, you might want to switch the LED lighting on the stairs and around your decking, which just creates a nice atmosphere, to sit outside and enjoy spending time in your garden.

Therefore, our qualified electricians can install LED lights into the decking boards, for example around the outer edge of the decking or in the stairs, to help illuminate the space, so you can better see where your walking at night.

LED lights can be installed whether the decking boards are composite or timber.


What type of decking should we choose?

Softwood decking

Our decking company offers to build pressure treated softwood decking, which is the lowest cost option we can offer. We often use pine. This wood can come from FSC-approved forests, which are sustainably managed forests. This type of decking is sustainably cheaper than hardwood and composite decking, this is why softwood decking is still cheapest option of decking we offer.

Hardwood decking

Our decking company can offer different types of hardwood; the prices differ greatly depending on which kind of hardwood you would like us to use.

When we meet you we can explain the different hardwood decking options we can supply.

Or alternatively you may have seen hardwood decking built in someone’s garden, whether it’s a neighbour or a post on Instagram, our estimator will then be able to tell you which type of hardwood it is straightaway.

We aim to e-mail you back with a quote often in less than 48 hours. Usually, we need to contact our timber merchants for a quote because timber prices fluctuate, yet when we do obtain the latest timber prices for hardwood, we can write you out a quote.


Which type of decking would you recommend?

If you were to ask our decking company which type of decking offers the best value, we would have to say composite. Yet, with that said, you do have to choose a high-quality composite.

That’s because if composite is manufactured by a good quality manufacturer, it can last a long period; again, we must emphasise that you must buy a good quality brand.

Some low-quality composite decking is for sale, and during extreme heat waves, we have seen some decking boards buckle in the heat. So, contact a decking company and see which brands they can supply.


Which type of garden decking requires the least maintenance?

When homeowners contact our company, they often want low-maintenance garden fencing and decking built. People usually don’t have the time to paint their garden fences or wooden decking over say a bank holiday weekend, and many people would rather be doing something else than DIY in their garden.

This is why products such as composite fence panels, composite decking, and artificial grass have become increasingly popular, as more homeowners want a low-maintenance garden.

We can, therefore, build composite garden fencing and decking for you. This doesn’t require painting, thus helping the homeowner save time.


Which type of decking is the cheapest option?

The cheapest garden decking option is “softwood decking” complete with wooden railings. This wood will be FSC-approved so is high quality, and comes from managed forests.

Softwood, such as pine, is much cheaper than composite or hardwood.


Can you paint the decking boards for us?

We most certainly can; if we are building softwood decking, some customers in Cardiff / Newport will ask us to paint the decking boards as soon as we are finished building the whole decking. We can do this work for an additional fee.



Has your company Hyden Bros, have much experience of building garden decking in the past?

Yes, we primarily build garden fencing in Cardiff.

However, we have been building decking for a long time as well. Therefore, if you require quality, well-built softwood or hardwood decking, then do call us here at Hyden Bros. We can also offer to build glass railings around your decking and install LED lights as well.

Which areas do you build fencing and decking in?

As our company decking expands, we are taking on more labourers, carpenters, and electricians to install lighting in the decking. We are therefore building decking in more and more cities, we currently build decking in Cardiff and Newport.

Composite Decking

What’s excellent about composite decking is that it has a vast number of manufacturers now all across Europe that manufacturer composite decking and fencing. This simply means that, there are many different colour composite decking boards, and also different companies offer different gurantee periods.

Composite decking and also fencing is made from a mix of both wood saw dust and plastic.

Composite decking and fencing are often made from recycled plastics, and waste sawdust. For example, a company that manufactures composite fencing might source sawdust or scraps of wood, then recycle it and manufacturer composite decking or fencing out of it.

Therefore composite decking and fencing can be good for the environment, because its made from recycled waste.
Benefits of choosing Hyden Bros to build your decking or fencing:

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Garden decking companies in Cardiff

Here are seven reasons why you should pick our decking company:
We have a vast amount of experience building composite, hardwood and softwood decking
We can build composite decking
We can build wooden decking
We have an experienced team of fence and decking builders
We also have electricians who can install lighting into decking
We can also replace your garden fencing at the same time
We offer low prices on our decking

Cardiff decking

If you’re looking for a company to install composite or timber decking in Cardiff, call our landscaping business today

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