What types of steel security fences do you build?



We are fencing contractors which can build for your company any type of security fencing. From crash barriers, through to power coated and galvanised palisade fencing, we can build it all. Therefore, whether your business requires fence repair, for example to a metal fence, or perhaps you require brand-new fencing to be built perhaps around a factory, why not call us.


What types of metal fencing can you build?

  • Palisade fencing
  • Wire-mesh fencing
  • Vertical bar
  • Chain link fencing
  • We can build every type of commercial fencing


Do you build palisade fencing?

Yes, we do, the most commonly asked type of commercial and industrial fencing, that our fencing company is asked to build is palisade fencing. Its durable, its galvanised so it’s more resistant to rust, plus this type of metal fence does last a long period of time. The good thing about palisade fencing is that it doesn’t need to painted, yet many companies do want their palisade fencing to be painted, so our fencing business can offer to build “powder coated palisade fencing” which comes spray painted.


Can you build powder coated palisade fencing?

Yes, we can offer a range of colours, the most popular colour that many businesses choose is palisade fencing, sprayed the colour green. This type of security fence can then blend into say the lawn, or the trees that may be outside your business premises.


Can you build chain-link fencing?

Yes, we can, we can build chain link fencing, which is made from metal strands which are galvanised.
The chain link fencing will be made from thin metal strands, these can be coated in an outer plastic covering, which helps to prolong the life of the fence. We can combine this with strong concrete posts, these posts have steel rebar running through them to give them extra strength. Its worth noting that is not the most secure type of metal fencing, as its relatively simple with bolt cutters to cut through the thin metal strands.

However, with that said, many businesses and also local councils do opt for chain link fencing as its long lasting, plus it’s also relatively low cost when compared to some other types of metal fencing.

Often you will see chain link fencing built around many factories, industrial units and also around many car parks. It’s a low maintenance type of fencing, plus, our fence builders can build this type of industrial fencing quickly.


Do you build wire-mesh fencing?

We most certainly do build welded wire mesh fencing, this is becoming a very popular type of commercial fence in the U.K because an extra tall fence can be built using wire mesh. Plus this fencing can be powder coated, adding to its durability. Plus, also its low maintenance because the metal bars can be galvanised.


Can you build vertical bar fencing?

Yes, vertical bar is very popular, for example its often built around apartment blocks, for example around the car park area. Local council also use vertical bar, around parks for example, it could be used along a rail-way line. We can build vertical bar fencing anywhere in the U.K. This type of fence can be powder coated, which further prolongs the life of the steel.


Can you build metal railings?

We most certainly can, metal railings are often used on top of say a brick wall, to give the wall extra height. We can build metal railings for you.


Can you build crash barriers?

Yes, we build metal crash barriers, these are often built Infront of a factory, for example to help protect the building from a lorry reversing too far. We can build crash barriers for businesses anywhere in the U.K.


How do you make your security fencing more resistant to rust?

Most of the metal fencing we build, will be galvanised. We can tell you which types of security fencing we build which are galvanised. This type of metal will be more resistant to rust, this is one of the reasons why so many businesses choose palisade fencing, because it can completely galvanised, the fence posts, the fence panels, the brackets can all be galvanised, so that they last longer, and are more resistant to rust.


What can you add to the top of the fence to make it harder for an intruder to enter?

We can add barbed wire your commercial fence, we could also add razor wire if you would prefer razor wire to be used?

There are also spikes that can be added to some fences, when we come out to recommend which type of commercial fence would best suit your business, we can also recommend which type of top to the fence we can recommend. A popular option is to opt for razor wire.



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