Commercial Security Fencing- What types of security fencing does business build?


Security Fencing


What types of metal security fencing does your business build?


Vertical bar fencing

We can build “vertical bar metal fencing”- you often see this built around apartment blocks. That’s where the landowners want to separate the car park for residents, say, from a public footpath.

Although vertical bar fencing doesn’t offer the highest level of security, it’s long-lasting. It can be powder coated, so it lasts even longer, and it doesn’t require much maintenance if it’s well-built by a good fencing contractor.

Metal railings

We can also build metal railings. There are manufacturers of metal railings that can actually make the railings look like Victorian metal fencing. The metal railings can, therefore, be ornate. Our business builds metal railings for residential and commercial customers as well.

Welded mesh fencing

Our company can build welded mesh fencing. This type of commercial fence is becoming very popular with businesses as it is relatively inexpensive and fast to build.


LPS 1175 fencing

We are a company that can also build LPS 1175 fencing; we can make this anywhere in the United Kingdom.


Acoustic fencing

We can also build acoustic fencing. We can do this for civil engineering companies, construction companies, or homeowners who may live next to a busy road.

If you would like a quote for acoustic fencing to be built anywhere in the United Kingdom, please do call us.


How do you ensure all of the security fencing you build is high-quality?

We build high-quality security fencing. All of the metal fencing we build, whether wire mesh, palisade, or steel railings, will always be made from quality steel. We can also use metal that has been hot-dipped so it’s fully galvanised, or sometimes our customers ask us to build metal security fencing that’s zinc alloy coated to help protect the steel and slow down the rusting process.


How do you build security fencing to slow the rusting process?

All metals, such as steel, will eventually deteriorate through rust. However, some processes can be completed to slow the rusting process down, such as zinc alloy coating or hot dip galvanising the steel.


Why should we choose Hyden Bros to build our metal security fence in Cardiff?

We build all types of security fencing, including wire mesh, palisade, vertical bar, and every other type of metal fencing. Our company can build metal fencing quickly; we have built a lot of security fencing within Cardiff. We can build from 1 metre to 1 mile of security fencing.


Can you build palisade fencing in Cardiff?

Our fencing company builds all types of steel fencing; we would say over 75% of the fencing contracts that we complete are built using palisade fencing. We can build steel palisade fencing that’s not painted but fully galvanised; we also offer powder-coated steel palisade fencing.


Can you add barbed wire to our metal security fence?


For many of the security fencing we build, we can add everything from barbed wire to rotary systems through to razor wire. We can also add a special paint that never dries to the top so that it sticks to the clothing or the person trying to climb the security fence.


How tall can you build a security fence to be?

When we meet you, we can recommend different metal/security fencing. Some types of metal fencing, such as welded mesh fencing, can be built very tall. However, you might not want the fence to be too tall; you might wish for a 6-foot wall made from the vertical bar, and we can build this type of fence for you. We can create the metal fencing to any height that you would like.


Why should we pick Hyden Bros as our fencing contractor to build commercial security fencing?


We have been building metal security fencing for a very long time; your business might know exactly what type of security fence you built. If not, one of our estimators can visit your business and recommend different fencing. It might be that your company needs different fencing on the same business premises, for example, vertical bar to the front of the factory, palisade fencing at the back, and around where the diesel forklifts are working; you may want acoustic fencing built to dampen the sound.

We can, therefore, recommend different types of security fencing that will best suit your business premises.

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