Commercial fencing: what makes steel palisade fencing such a good commercial fence?



There is a good reason why our fence builders are out every week in all weather conditions building steel palisade fencing for various businesses here in the U.K.

Palisade security fencing, is by far the most popular commercial/industrial type of fence used throughout the United Kingdom.

This type of steel security fencing is very long-lasting, galvanised, and strong and robust.

In this article, we will discuss why so many British companies choose palisade fencing, and why you should choose our commercial fencing business to build security fencing for or your company.


First things first, what exactly is steel palisade fencing?

If you run a business, there are many different types of security fencing that you can choose from.

However here in Wales, England and Scotland, a kind of security fence reigns supreme; businesses often prefer to buy steel palisade fencing, simply it because it’s affordable, requires practically no maintenance at all and is very strong and durable. That option is called “palisade fencing” and we are fencing contactors that build this type of commercial fencing all across the U.K.


Commercial fencing

For those who don’t know how this type of commercial fence is built, it is simply built by first installing galvanised steel posts. These need to be anchored into the ground with concrete. Then, as a metal rail is bolted directly to the steel post, which often looks like a piece of angle iron, you have the palisade steel slats, which then bolted directly to the rail.


Long lasting

Palisade fencing is relatively simple to construct, and it’s been used for well over 30 years by thousands of British businesses.

This is because it can be built fast, it’s affordable and most importantly, it offers unparalleled low maintenance. This is why our fencing teams are out in different business premises, all over Wales every week building this type of metal fence.

Much lower maintenance than when compared to wooden fencing

Often, many British businesses don’t want a wooden fence that requires continuous maintenance every year, such as needing to be painted every year.

As we all know, timber fencing, such as feather edge fencing may need painting.

Businesses often haven’t got the time to do this, they require metal fencing to be built, because often it needs low maintenance.

What are the main advantages of choosing palisade steel fencing?

  • Relatively low cost
  • Long lasting
  • The steel is galvanised so lasts longer
  • Can be powder coated to further protect the steel
  • Can be built tall
  • Can add razor wire to palisade fencing
  • Can add barbed wire to palisade fencing


Why is palisade fencing such low maintenance?

The simple answer is that the steel is galvanised- it can be made from quality cold rolled steel. Always choose a fencing contractor, that offer quality steel, you want the palisade fence, made from quality metal/ steel, ideally British steel, so the fence is high quality.


Don’t choose low quality steel, always choose high quality galvanised metal

If you leave most mild steel out in the elements, such as the rain it starts to rust and quickly.

Eventually, the fence’s components will become very weak, and the bolts, all the metal rails, or the bottom of the steel post will rust so much that it will simply collapse the entire fence.

This is why its best to have the whole metal fence galvanised; everything from the fence post to the fence rail, should be galvanised.

This type of security fence is low maintenance because it’s been galvanised.

Do you have much experience building security fencing?

Our fence builders can travel anywhere within the United Kingdom to build security fencing.


Which types of security fencing can your company build?

We build:


  • Chain link fencing
  • Palisade fencing
  • Vertical bar fencing

One week, they could be building security fencing around a new warehouse; the following week, our team could be building a new steel fence along a railway line, following which they could be repairing a fence up in Scotland.


We therefore travel the whole country building metal fencing.

We, therefore, have a highly experienced team of fence builders working for us, they will make sure everything from the concrete, through to how we add the barbed wire, is installed to a high standard.

Are you able to supply and fit also razor wire?

Some business premises require an extra layer of protection to improve their security of their businesses premises, this is why some companies ask us to add razor wire to the top of the fence.


How much does palisade fencing cost to build per square metre?

This depends on how tall you want the palisade fencing to be and whether you require it to be powder-coated or painted. For example, some businesses have company branding, which means that they might use bright orange colours on their company logo and advertising; so you might want the fence painted the same colour around a business premises the same colour to match the companies branding.


Do you build palisade fencing within South Wales?

There are a huge number of business premises in South Wales, such as warehouses and large industrial sites that manufacture goods such as chemicals or products.

There are many car parks, supermarkets, and factories that require our palisade fencing to be built around the business premises as well. We have a huge team of staff who have vast experience building this type of metal security fencing.


We also need an automated barrier installed. Can you install these as well?

We can most certainly install electronic automated barriers. These can rise automatically when your company vehicles approach the barrier. We can, therefore, build brand-new steel security fencing right around your business premises and install automated barriers for your business as well.


Call us for a quote

Whether you have businesses in England, Wales or Scotland, we have a full-time sales staff and a full-time architect, so we can offer you a free quote for any security fencing to be built. We build metal fencing anywhere in the U.K.

We primarily build palisade fencing. However, we can build chain-link fencing and wire mesh fencing as well.

Palisade fencing Wales

Our company can build steel security fencing anywhere within Wales.

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