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Introduction To Palisade Fencing

Palisade fencing is the most commonly used industrial and commercial steel security fence used by thousands of businesses throughout the United Kingdom. This type of security fence, or steel fencing, is popular because of its robust construction, low maintenance design, and relatively inexpensive price, that’s when compared with certain types of other security fencing.


A strong type of security fence

Some security fences are weaker than others; for example, a chain-link fence made with mild steel and thin wires can sometimes cut through with a set of bolt cutters in a matter of seconds.

Steel palisade fencing is a bit stronger because it is made from steel slats, which are bolted to a metal rail, and bolted again to a steel post, and all of these are galvanised to make them last even longer. Once you have razor wire added to the top, you have a solid, strong fence and gate, and you will have a robust type of security fence to surround your business.


Are you capable of building large security fences?

We most definitely are, our fence builders travel anywhere in the United Kingdom building a wide range of security fences.

We can build the following types of steel fencing:

  • A1 Rated (SR1) Fencing & Gates
  • Palisade Security Fencing
  • Mesh Security Fencing
  • Timber Fencing


The zinc coating helps to prolong the life of the security fence.

Many of the steel fences that we built for the businesses can be zinc coated and galvanised.

If the steel is good quality, and we always use good quality steel, it makes a robust type of security fence.

Whether its industrial business, such as the business that manufacturers chemicals or a different kind of business, such as an enormous warehouse, that needs a steel fence built to surround it, or if you need anytype of security fence built, that’s low-maintenance, we can build it anywhere the United Kingdom for you.

Palisade fencing

Often, palisade fencing is just left unpainted thats because it’s already been galvanised, so it has a layer of protection from the elements such as the rain.

However, you want to further protect the fence, it can be powder coated, often the powder coating colour that is chosen is green; this will help prolong the life of the fence.


Built ultrafast

Let’s say that a brand-new warehouse is being built in the United Kingdom; the construction company will often want the steel security fence built around the building as quickly as possible.

Our fencing company has many excavators, jackhammers, cement mixers, staff, steel fencing, fixtures, and fittings to quickly build this type of fence in a short period of time.

We travel all across the United Kingdom, we build all manner of security fencing for businesses.


Barbed wire and razor wire

If the client instructs us to do so, we can add barbed wire and razor wire to the top of the fence.


Quality cold rolled steel.

Different manufacturers here in the U.K manufacture palisade fencing. Some businesses will want British Steel used, and they will also want a long guarantee offered on the fence. We can talk about the different manufacturers of palisade fencing, the guarantee periods offered by the manufacturer.


Already painted

Some fences can already powder coated in the factory; they can therefore be delivered to your business premises already painted. It is, therefore, just a matter of bolting the fence panels into place. than to the fence post.


Talk to our security team today

No matter where your business is located, whether its in Wales, England, or Scotland, we can build a security fence, crash barriers, or security bollards anywhere throughout the United Kingdom.

We have extensive experience building steel security fencing, including everything from double-gauge mesh fencing through to chain-link fencing and steel palisade fencing.

Call us today, and we can offer you a no-obligation quote.

We build security fencing right throughout the United Kingdom.

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