How much does palisade fencing cost to build?



Our fencing business builds a lot of security fencing every single week for a wide range of companies. For example we build palisade fencing around large factories, light industrial units and also shops.

As our teams are equipment with good quality excavators and quality DeWalt tools, when combine this with a hardworking, highly skilled team we are about to build any type of security fence whether it be welded mesh, palisade or vertical bar fence.

Is it important that the palisade fencing is galvanised?

Its very important, that whether you purchase bow top, vertical bar, palisade fencing that the steel is galvanised and also that the steel is good quality metal that’s used. We would definitely recommend only using British made steel.

Yes, the steel should be galvanised, because if its not, the steel will rust very fast. The fence will maintenance, if its not galvanised, perhaps needing painting every year, otherwise rust occur, weakening the fence, meaning it will need to be replaced after a relatively short period. So recommendation is that the business choose galvanised steel, not just for fence panels, but for the fixtures and the fittings as well the posts.

We want bi-folding palisade gates are able to install these?

We most certainly can, we can supply every single type of barrier system or gate as well as automatic bollards.


We need the old rusty, broken fence taken away; can you complete this work for us?

Yes, we can, we can use an excavator, a banksman, and we can safely cut down and lift the old sections of fencing into a skip for recycling.


Do you sell palisade fencing without installing it?

Currently we only prices to supply and install palisade fencing, we don’t therefore just sell the item.

What areas does your company serve?

Every week we travel throughout England and Wales building commercial fencing. We can work for companies, councils as well as also for example civil engineering companies that might require both fencing and also crash barriers built.


What is palisade fencing and what makes this type of fence so popular?

Steel palisade fences are one, if not the most commonly used and popular types of commercial fence used throughout the U.K. This type of fence is made with metal slats, which are zinc coated, which are bolted to a rail.

Often all of the steel is zinc plated and also galvanised to help protect fence from rust and also helping the fence to last much longer.


How much does palisade fencing cost?

The price of metal goes up and down on a weekly basis.
What this means is because palisade fencing is made of 100% steel, that the price of this type of security fence does go up and down in price based on steel prices.

So when we are sending a e-mail over to a business, to offer them a quote for us to build say vertical bar, bow top or palisade fencing, we normally offer that price for a set period of time.

The reason for this our suppliers, can change their pricing on the fencing on a regular basis so we would need to offer you a price that’s valid for a short period.


Are you capable of fulfilling high value fencing contracts?

We most certainly are capable of taking on high value fencing contractors, for example over 10 miles of palisade fencing might need to be built behind housing, to help separate peoples gardens from a rail way line.

Our fencing contracts often vary between just one thousand pound and one million pound.

The prices vary massively because we take on a wide range of fencing contracts, ranging from just cutting out a few damaged sections of fencing, through to building over a mile of palisade say for a railway company.


How do you ensure that you build your fencing quickly?

We now have a large and also a highly experienced team, which travel up and down the United Kingdom to build steel fences.

Our team regularly use excavators as well, which allow us to dig the holes for the fence posts much faster, than by hand.

We can also fit a grading bucket to our excavator, allowing us to move any soil, concrete, or shrubbery and place this into a skip allowing us to start to build the fence much faster.


What accreditations does your business have, to show you are a good fencing company?

We are members of construction line. We have so many positive reviews on Google My Business. Plus, when we meet with you, we can often state where we have built palisade fencing locally for another business, you may even know that company.

So often we are to show locally other palisade fencing we have built to our customers, it might just be around the corner from your business is. And when you see the quality of our work, our quality zinc coated fencing, often the business will hire us, because we are so highly experienced in building palisade fencing.


Do you offer free quotations?

We most certainly do, we can come out and visit your business premises 6 days week and after we have measured the business premises, and know which gate option you would like, we can e-mail you back a quote, in often less than three working days.
All our quotes are offered free of charge.

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