Acoustic fencing- how does it work?


We have been building acoustic fencing all across the United Kingdom and Ireland for a long period of time. We have been building this type of fence now for over 10 years, working for large civil engineering companies, major house builders, and also home owners. Therefore our company has a huge amount of experience in building acoustic fences.


Why choose us to build your acoustic fence?

  • We can supply and build leading brands, such as RockWool acoustic fencing
  • Huge team, we can build any type of fence fast 
  • Multiple excavators to help level the ground
  • We can work along railway lines, motorways and four major housebuilders here in the UK.

We therefore have a vast amount of experience, building acoustic fences, we offer some of the most competitive prices in the United Kingdom.

First things first, what exactly is acoustic fencing?

Most fencing, whether it’s built from timber or from steel, just serves to mark out the boundary line, between you and the neighbouring property.

Security fencing, such as palisade fencing will help to improve the security of the property, but it’s not designed to minimise the amount of sound that passes through a fence. However, this is exactly the purpose of acoustic fencing, its purpose is to lower the amount of noise heard on the other side of the fence.


Does acoustic fencing, totally block out the road noise?

Although no acoustic fencing, will totally eliminate unwanted noise such as noise caused by from passing vehicles, what it can do instead is to reduce some of the amount of noise that’s heard.

So for example, let’s say 400 houses have just been built on a site in Wales, often if the housing estate, is built near busy road, the house builder as part of the planning permission, will have to build long length of acoustic fencing.

This type of fence wont totally eliminate the road noise that heard within the gardens and the neighbouring houses, but it can help sometimes, in some circumstances, it can help to minimise some of the amount of noise that’s heard.


Decibel reading before and after

It’s absolutely impossible, to say how much road noise will be minimised in each individual house or garden, but, it is possible to take decibel readings before and after. If the fencing is really good quality, and well built, and the fences extra tall, then often the decibel reading can be sometimes reduced.


Can you build and extra tall acoustic fencing?

We can build and extra tall fence, that is made from either specially engineered plastics or timber, that has been designed and constructed in such a way to help dampen the amount of noise that passes through it. Often, softwoods are used, which are specially engineered to help minimise the amount of noise that passes through the fence.

Often, contrary to what some people think, an acoustic fence is not actually that thick, however, because it has been specially designed, it’s has a innovative design to help minimise road noise.
Road noise

Acoustic fencing, therefore acts to minimise the amount of noise that passes through the fence, in no way will it totally eliminate the noise of passing trucks, vans or cars, but it can help to reduce it.

Sometimes, housebuilders will also build a raised bank of the, and then combine this with acoustic fencing on top, which can act as an acoustic barrier to try and deflect some of that noise that’s created to passing traffic.


Have you much experience of building acoustic fencing?

Yes, we have a huge amount of experience building this type of fence, our builders travel right up and down the country, building acoustic fences. We are regularly travelling up and down the M4 motorway for example, building acoustic fencing for many different housebuilders, and for many homeowners and for businesses.


Why do businesses choose to have acoustic fencing built?

You might own a business, let’s say you own a builder’s merchants, and you might have trucks coming in and out of the yard right throughout the entire day, combined with multiple forklift trucks moving aroundThis all creates noise, which can disturb the neighbouring properties.


Do you manufacturer the acoustic fencing?

No, we do not manufacture the acoustic fencing in-house, instead there are many companies which manufacture this type of fence, we then purchase the acoustic fencing from them.
There are varying quality acoustic fencing, we can recommend some top brands such as Rockwool, some of this fencing is manufactured here in United Kingdom.


We need acoustic fencing built along a motorway /railway line can you build this for us?

We most certainly can, we can build mile after mile fencing, the reason that we are capable of doing this is we have a large team of fence builders, we also have multiple excavators, such as JCB excavators.

Our JCB excavators allow us to level the ground, using a grading bucket, this is so we can also level the ground so that we can start work on building the acoustic fence.


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