Do you build composite/wooden decking within Cardiff/Vale of Glamorgan?


We are an established fencing and decking business, for well over 10 years, our business has been improving many gardens, right throughout the Vale of Glamorgan and Cardiff, by building log cabins, patios, artificial lawns building decking as well as fencing.

In this blog post, we are going to talk about the different types of decking we can offer, how these can improve your garden, we also build talk about composite decking, as well as softwood decking and also hardwood decking.


What types of decking do you build?

The vast majority of the decking we build, is timber decking, we build this for local businesses as well as for homeowners. Softwood, timber decking, made from pine, which is often pressure treated, to help it last longer is the cheapest option we offer.

However, if you were to ask us, which type of garden decking to be recommend, then we would have to say composite decking, made by a company called Mill board, this decking is guaranteed to last, is long-lasting and looks great in a garden. We can also use mill board decking for decking built for businesses.

As well as softwood decking, we can also build hardwood decking, for example decking made from oak this is the most expensive option, yet some homeowners do want hardwood decking. Sometimes the customers will also ask us to build hardwood fencing as well.

Can you paint the decking?

We most certainly can, we have many labourers, who are experiencing painting decking. This would cost extra, yet we can apply a coat, or multiple coats of decking paint. This will help to protect the wood, and therefore the decking can last longer. However, if you want to type of decking which doesn’t ever need painting, saving you the homeowner a lot of money and also time, if you were to paint it yourself, that is we can offer composite fencing and decking, this never needs to be varnished, stained or painted.

Which type of decking would you recommend?

We would most definitely recommend composite decking, if you were to compare the two quotes, that is a quote for wooden decking, made using softwood, such as pine and composite decking, then composite decking is much more expensive.

This is often why a lot of homeowners don’t opt composite, because it can be a lot more expensive sometimes three times the price. However, we think it’s most definitely worth paying more for composite fencing and decking, because here in Britain it rains so much, you need a type of decking that is able to last longer, and composite last longer because it’s more weather resistant.

How is composite more weather resistant?

Timber, whether it’s hardwood, whether it softwood, will absorb moisture, as the wood continues to absorb moisture, this can mean that the wood starts the rot. It is also possible for the wood to start to incur wood worm, this can actually eat away at the wood, to the point where it’s so weak, that the decking will easily break.

This is again why we would recommend composite, because it can’t incur wood worm, because it’s made totally differently it’s not a natural product. Wood is obviously a natural product, and therefore can incur wood worm, however composite is manufactured in a factory, it’s often made using recycled plastics, and also has special dies, to give it colour, to help it last longer, and to make it more fade resistant. Therefore, because it’s a manufactured product, made using recycled plastics, or plastics and rubbers, it can’t incur wood worm. And because it can’t incur wood worm, and won’t incur wood rot, this means a composite decking will often last much longer than softwood decking.

Can you also install glass balustrades?

We have worked in many gardens, across the Vale of Glamorgan, and also across Cardiff, where the homeowner has got a property, the looks out onto acres or fields, or perhaps woodland, or perhaps the sea if you live in say Barry or Penarth in the Vale of Glamorgan, therefore you might want decking where you can sit out, enjoy a cup of coffee and look out to sea. Therefore, you will need glass balustrades, we can fit the decking and can also install glass balustrades complete with stainless steel handrail.


Garden decking Penarth, Vale of Glamorgan

Each, and every year, we build a lot of composite, hardwood as well as softwood decking throughout the town of Penarth, which is a Victorian town in the Vale of Glamorgan. Just as the pier, on Penarth front, as high-quality decking, so should your garden.

We build high-quality garden decking, we can offer you a quote, to build softwood, hardwood or perhaps composite decking? We offer some the best prices on decking, we can also offer you a separate quote to paint the decking, if the decking is made from timber.


Cardiff decking

If you need decking built within Cardiff, whether that hardwood, softwood or perhaps composite then why not give us a ring? We build decking for businesses as well as for homeowners, we can also build wooden balustrades, and a wooden handrail, because we have joiners that work for us, that can build these for you in Cardiff. Or instead of our joiners building these, you might want stainless steel handrail, complete with glass balustrades. We can offer some of the most competitive prices on glass balustrades and steel or stainless-steel handrails.


Can you install LED lighting into the decking?

We most certainly can, our joiners, can install LED lighting into the decking, we can also install LED lights into the composite decking as well. This looks amazing in an evening, when you sit without having a nice glass of wine, and the lights are on your decking, this can help to illuminate the decking, we can also create a nice atmosphere, as you sit out and enjoy a bottle of champagne on your decking.


Decking companies Vale of Glamorgan

We have built this huge amount of decking within the Vale of Glamorgan, from Cowbridge through to Penarth, every year, we build a huge number of garden fences, decking and also garden rooms these areas. We have a very good reputation for building quality, plus all of our decking all of our fencing and also all of our garden rooms come with a long guarantee.

Free quotes

Either Seb or Kingsley can come out and meet you, and offer you free advice, and also a quotation. If there is a small area that requires decking, often we can offer you a quote there and then, however if it’s a large area which needs decking, and perhaps with glass balustrades, lighting and stainless-steel handrail, then we will need to get back to you with a quote. Normally we write back to our customers via email, within 48 hours, to offer our customers a quote.

For example, there are quite literally hundreds of different manufacturers of composite decking, so often we will need to check the latest prices, from our suppliers, then we can calculate the costs to build the composite decking, stainless steel handrail and glass balustrades, and also the cost of lighting, and then we will get a quote back to you as soon as we possibly can.


How long is the decking guaranteed for?

This does depend on whether you choose softwood decking, hardwood decking or composite decking.

Some manufacturers of composite decking, guarantee their decking for different periods of time. Some high-quality manufacturers of composite, decking and fencing, sometimes guarantee the fence all the decking for the 10 years, this is why we always recommend to our customers thought for composite rather than timber.

It does depend on which brand you choose, however when you meet with you, and you look at the brochures which show the different colour composite decking that we can supply, the brochures will always stipulate how long they guarantee the decking for. Most composite decking is guaranteed for a long period of time, and we can also write in the quote, how long we guarantee the decking for.


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