Feather edge boards- why do so many people use these for their garden fencing?



If you were to walk down a lane, in most streets in the United Kingdom, let’s say that you are on a dog walk, you will notice that most of the houses will have a garden fence made from feather edge.

Feather edge is by far one of the most popular types of fencing in United Kingdom.

In matter of fact, some fencing contractors only build this type of fencing. It does have many benefits, which we will explain more of within this article.

For example, you can buy FSC feather edge boards, which come from forests which have been sustainably managed, is also a long-lasting durable type of fence.


What are feather edge boards?

Feather edge boards and simply boards which come in varying lengths, and because they would they can easily be cut the size.

Often the timber that used to make a feather edge board is made using what is called green timber, also called pressure treated timber.

This is very important because it’s important that the wood has gone through a pressure treating process.
If the timber hasn’t been correctly pressure treated, for example it’s not pressure treated for long enough, and this can mean that the boards can quickly decay, it might start to grate very quickly, or they might start the split and walk with my starter incur would rot.

It’s important that whichever fencing contractor that you hire, that they use good quality pressure treated timber.
There’s also dip treated timber, but if you have the choice between pressure treated timber and dip treated timber and we would recommend opting for pressure treated timber, because we believe it can last longer.

So, when you do call a fencing company, regardless of which type of wooden fence that they are going to build for you, do ask them will they be using pressure treated timber.


Why are feather edge boards one of the most popular types of garden fencing in the UK?

The simple answer is sometimes a homeowner will have been in the house for say 10 years, during that time they might have hat to replace a panel fence many times, and if they build the fence themselves, they will know that it can take quite a bit of work to build a panel fence.

For example, often all concrete needs to be broken out, bushes need to be cut back on there you have to dig the holes for the wooden posts, surround the post with concrete and then build the wooden panels in place.

However, because some panel fencing is rather flimsy, during a heavy storm sections might become damaged, and sometimes homeowners are fed up with having to repair or replace the fence, they are now looking for something more durable.

Therefore, this is often when a call us and one of feather edge fence built, because it’s often much stronger, and therefore will last longer than most panel fencing, if built right, by a highly experience fencing company.


Are feather edge boards expensive?

Feather edge boards are not expensive, they have increased in price over recent years, in matter of fact all timber has increased in price.

Therefore, fencing contractors like us need to pass on those costs, so a feather edge fence is more expensive than it was say 10 years ago to build, that it still offers good value for money because when it’s built correctly, it can be a very strong, durable and long-lasting fence.


Is close board fencing are low maintenance type of fence?

Yes, it’s one of the lowest maintenance types of wooden fencing, with that said there are other types of low maintenance fences, which are even more low maintenance than feather edge.

For example, composite fencing, fencing made from steel or aluminium panels is more low maintenance simply because often aluminium panels are already painted, and also composite doesn’t need painting.

Because feather edge is made from wood, it will require some maintenance, for example you may want to paint the fence every year.


Can you paint feather edge boards?

Yes, feather edge boards can be painted.


How long to feather edge boards last?

Timber merchants, will sell different quality feather edge boards, there are some which are top quality and long-lasting.
On the other hand, there are some feather edge boards which are thin, and therefore prone to splitting, or they might not have been pressure treated or dip treated so they won’t last that long at all.

So how long the fence lasts, comes down to 2 factors, that is the quality of the feather edge boards, and also how well the fence has been installed.

For example if the concrete hasn’t been mixed correctly, then what can happen is that the fence post start to move within the concrete, the fence posts might only move by 1 inch, but this is enough for the wooden rail to move, which can cause the feather edge boards to fall off the fence.


Can you use feather edge boards to build a commercial fence?

Yes, a lot of commercial fencing, is built using feather edge boards.


Would you like a feather edge fence built?

One of the most popular types of fencing in Cardiff, is most definitely feather edge fencing. We have been building fencing in Cardiff for over 10 years, so we have built many of the feather edge fences in Cardiff. We have built many residential fences, and we have worked for businesses, such as some plc businesses.

We build very high-quality fencing, we offer free quotes, we offer low prices and we can build your new fence very quickly. If you would like a quote, and you live in Cardiff, or you run a business in Cardiff then why not call us today.


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