What’s the cheapest fencing options you offer?





More people are looking for fencing they can pay for monthly or fencing which is low cost, and this makes complete sense. In a cost-of-living crises, if our fence falls over, or let’s say the roof on our houses suddenly need repairing, then this can mean that we are hit with an unexpected cost to carry out this repair work.


Why replace when sometimes you can repair?

As the old saying goes, “mend and make-do” and we think this is a good moto, so for example, yes a section of your garden fence may have fallen down, or some slats may have come loose, as a football has been kicked against the fence a million times, but why replace the garden fence, when sometimes it can be repaired?

Sometimes the wooden rails will be in a good condition, sometimes the concrete fence posts, or the wooden fence posts, they will be in good condition too, this make the back-bone of the fence, they are what holds the fence up, so sometimes, its just the fencing slats, that need replacing, for example the feather edge slats of wood, and we can offer you a very good price, just to replace the feather edge slats.


Fence repair Cardiff

We have repaired quite literally hundreds of fences in Cardiff, from replacing just the odd piece of feather edge board, through to removing all the fence panels, or all the planks of wood on a hit and miss fence, and just leaving the fence posts in place, and rebuilding the rest of the fence.


How much does it cost to repair a garden fence?

Fence repair costs vary from between £70.00 to £1,000+ it does depend on the type of garden fence you have, and how much repair work is needed.


The broken parts of the fence, can you dispose of these for us?

Yes, we can for example, put the broken fencing panels, on our van, and take these to get recycled.


Do you offer finance or to pay for fencing in monthly instalments?

We currently do not offer finance on fencing, decking or the summerhouses we build. However, what we can offer is some low-cost fencing options, which can be purchased at an affordable price, still look great, and mean that you can get your garden fence replaced for less than you might have thought.

So, let’s look at some of the fencing options, which we can build in Cardiff, which are low cost:


Panel fencing

This is the lowest cost garden fencing option we offer, there are hundreds of different lap panel fences to choose from. However, there are some very cheap panel fences we can offer, if you want a basic type of garden fence. Then we can combine this with a garden gate, which is already made, so this is cheaper, than if one of carpenters were to make the garden gate, so we can build a low-cost garden fence and gate for you in Cardiff, for an affordable price.


Picket fencing

Picket fencing is very low cost, it’s one the cheapest types of gardens fencing we offer, so if you don’t want to spend that much on having a new garden fence built, then why not consider having a picket fence built.

Picket fencing can be built very quickly as well.


Close board fencing

Another type of very affordable fencing is close board fencing, this can be built an affordable price, plus, when its built to a good standard, then this type of fence can last a long period of time.

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