How to pick a fencing company?



You may have had a garden fence only built say three years ago, it’s just now, well, is totally falling apart, it’s looking worse for wear, there are fencing slats which may have fallen down?

And your last fence, well you might’ve thought out quite a lot on having it built, you may have actually paid quite a bit of money to have a it built by a local fencing company.

So, the last thing that you want to do, is to spend a large amount of money on having a brand-new fence built again, for it to just completely fall apart again.

As the old saying goes, once bitten twice shy, so now you are shopping around to find a local fencing company, that will simply build a quality garden fence that will last longer, therefore offering you better value for money.

So, this has you thinking, as all the fencing websites look brilliant, how do you go about narrowing down the list of fencing companies and you actually want to build a fence for you?

Because there are quite literally hundreds of fencing businesses to pick from


So how do you go about picking a fencing contractor?

And this is a really good question, simply because we’ve been building fences now for well over seven years, so sometimes we are asked to build some  a fences, where the customer might have only had them built by another fencing company not that long ago.

For example, during the first storm, that the fence encounters it might have started rocking in the wind and even falling apart.

For example fencing company might have built it in a rush, therefore the concrete, might not be mixed properly in the cement mixer. This means that the concrete, that’s also posting place, might be too weak, and therefore as the wind blows up against the fencing panels, the fence post might move in the concrete foundations, therefore causing movement on the fence post, and then the whole fence might fall over.

You need a reputable fencing company

So you should consider carefully which fencing you will hire


How many garden fences have the company built?

This is a question you should ask the fencing company directly, because what you might find is that they are a general landscaping firm, and each year they might only build three different fences for their customers.

The rest of the year they might be completing totally different work, such as installing artificial grass, new patios and perhaps a gazebo made from English oak.

This is all well and good, because what you might want is a specialist fencing company, a company that only specialises in building wooden fencing and nothing else. That’s because they are likely to have built hundreds of wooden fences.

You need is a highly experienced fencing company

What you need is a fencing company that is building garden fencing day in day out, therefore this is why many people hire us, because we have the experience of building hundreds of wooden fences.

They should also dig deep holes in the ground, for the wooden fence posts to go into, that’s even if there is obstructions such as concrete, brick or stone in the ground that may stop the spade from digging any further. And they should have the equipment to remove those obstructions for the fence post is built solid.


So, what we would say is, ask the fencing company, how many wooden fences have they built in the Cardiff area?

If the fencing company says something like, well, we only build a few fences each year, then you might wish to call another company like ours, because over the years have literally built hundreds of garden fences.

So as you can imagine we have a highly experienced team and that’s why many people come to us, simply because of the level of experience we have, you can be assured that the fence will be top quality.

Plus we also have a large team, for example we have managers, labourers and carpenters which will make sure that the whole of fence is built quickly for you.

This is brilliant for somebody who doesn’t want to take annual leave of work, while we are building the fence, because we can complete the work in a really short period of time, in some cases, we can build a whole new garden fence just in one single day.

Obviously if you have a bigger garden, then can take is a bit longer to complete the work.



You will need a fencing company that can offer you a huge range of different fencing options to choose from.

During the summer months, you might spend a huge amount of time in your garden, you therefore want a fence which will enhance your garden.

You might even want us to build raised planters and a new patio for you?

Even during the winter months, when most of us don’t venture out to our gardens because it is simply too cold, all homeowners will want a well-built fence that improves our garden. That’s to say, you won’t want a wooden fence, that as soon as it’s built, it starts to become damaged in strong winds.

We therefore need a robust fence, that’s well-built, but also improves the appearance of your garden.

Therefore, when a fencing contractor arrives at your home, you want then to listen to the type of garden fence that you want built, and then offer you different options.

This is why so many people call us, because we can build the following

·        Close board

·        Picket fencing

·        Panel fencing

·        Canadian red cedar fencing

·        Composite fencing

·        We can build wooden log cabins

·        We can build wooden summerhouses

·        We can build wooden garden rooms

·        We can build garden offices


Not sure about, which type of fencing you should purchase?

Here are some of the questions, that our customers frequently ask us, and then we recommend the following types of fencing.


Do you want the fence which never needs to be painted?

Let’s face it, we all have better things to do during the summer, than to be taking paint tins out to the garden, and then painting the garden fence, which might take over two days to complete.

Instead for a lot of us, we might like to just sit on our patio, and read a good book during a nice hot summers day, you might even want a bottle of wine, therefore why not opt for a fence which never needs to be painted, as you can have more time to enjoy the summer weather.


Composite fencing never needs to be varnished, painted or stained

This means that composite fencing never needs to be varnished, it also never needs to be painted, and it never needs to be stained with a wood stain, instead this type of garden fence is different, from wooden fencing, because is already comes in a range of different colours, so never needs to be painted.


Do you want a low-cost fence?

You might not want to splash out on a really expensive fence, you might want the cheapest option that we offer?

If you wants a fence which is low-cost, then we would often recommend to the customer the opt for a panel fence.

Now, you might be wondering why is a panel fence often substantially cheaper than other types of fencing?

That’s to say, you might ask a fencing contractor, like our company to come and offer you a quote for many different types of fencing,

For example, you might request a quote for feather edge, you might a quote also for composite fencing, and you might want quote for panel fencing as well.


Now, a panel fence is sometimes thousands of pounds cheaper than some other types of fencing, you might be thinking well, why is it so much cheaper?

Well, a panel fence is constructed in a factory, and panel fencing is made by a huge number of different companies, these companies therefore mass-produce this type of garden fencing, and therefore can be bought from a builders merchants fairly cheaply.

For example, a lot of wooden panel fencing is manufactured in Latvia, and then transported to the UK.

We build a lot of panel fencing, which has been made in Latvia.

Therefore we are a fencing company that offers affordable types of fencing, such as panel fencing, right through to really expensive luxurious fencing options, such as Canadian red cedar.


Canadian red cedar fencing is much more expensive


How many positive reviews has the business got?

When you purchase a brand-new garden fence, it’s a substantial purchase for any homeowner, for example garden fence could easily cost let’s say in excess of £3000 to build.

It’s therefore a lot of money to spend, on improving your garden, you therefore need to make sure that you hire the right company to build the metal, composite or timber fence.

We would therefore recommend that you check the company’s business reviews, prior to you asking that company for a quote.


Can you go and see a fence that the company’s  recently built?

A really busy fencing company, such as our company, will often have built hundreds of fences for different customers in Cardiff.

Sometimes therefore they might have just finished building a brand-new wooden fence around the corner from your house, so why not ask that fencing company, have they recently built any fences in your area?

Then you might be able to quickly drive by a fence that they have just built, and have a look at the fence that they have completed, and you may well be able to see if it’s a high quality fence or not.


Always ask for a written guarantee

If you are purchasing a garden fence, such as a Canadian red cedar fence, or a composite fence or a a hit and miss fence, you could be spending a lot of money on a brand-new garden fence. Let’s say you could be spending in excess of £10,000.

You are therefore going to want to obtain a guarantee from the fencing company, and that’s exactly what our fencing company can offer.

Because have built so many different types of wooden fencing, ranging from your inexpensive options, such as panel fences, right through to your much more expensive options, such as having a hardwood fencing, the guarantee period that we offer will vary on the type of fence that we are building.

So, for example if we are building a Canadian red cedar fence, then this might be in excess of £10,000 to build, we therefore offer a different guarantee period on this type of wooden fence than we would say a panel fence.

The reason for that is, a wooden panel fence can sometimes be built for less than £1000, and often will not  last as long as the more expensive type of garden fencing, such as a fence made from Canadian red cedar,  so we would need to offer a different guarantee period depending on which type of fence that you choose.


However, once our salesperson has come out and met you, and measured up how long the fence needs to be, and we have offered you a quote, within the quote, we then can specify within the quote how long the guarantee period will last on that fence.

For example, sometimes a composite fence is made by different manufacturers, and the different manufacturers will offer different guarantee periods.


Ask for a sample of the wood

In this article you will have seen that we have mentioned various types of wood, such as Canadian red cedar, is also English oak is also pine wood for example. We can therefore build a fence using a wide range of different timbers.

Yet, you might not know what any of these different types of timber actually look like, so why not ask our sales team to bring out a sample, so that you can see what all the different timbers that we offer look like.





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