Our joiners and carpenters can also build wooden gazebos



Right across the city of Cardiff, which is the capital of South Wales, many people are purchasing wooden gazebos that are built by joiners.


Quality Gazebos

All of the gazebos that our company builds are hand built by our joiners and carpenters. Plus, when you hire Hyden Bros, you will be obtaining a gazebo that’s made from top quality timber.

For example we purchase very high quality oak, we can build the gazebo from English oak, we can also if you have a summerhouse built by us, also clad the entire outside of the garden building with English oak as well.

This way your garden building will match with your gazebo, because they will both be made from English oak


Gazebos companies

Here at Hyden bros,  our company employs many joiners, we can therefore build a high quality gazebo made from a range of different timbers. Sometimes our customers will know the exact design that they would like, in terms of the roof and the timber and also the style of the gazebo, we can then set to work on building this for you.

If you do not know how you would like your new wooden gazebo to look, we can show you the many to the bows that we have already built in Cardiff, and you might find one that you like, and then we can build it for you.


Would you like a gazebo built that’s made from English oak?

Perhaps you would just like a place within your garden where you can put a wooden bench underneath your gazebo? This could then become the place to enjoy alfresco outdoor dining, especially if we build a pizza oven for you as well, you could enjoy a fresh tasty pizza and eat it underneath your gazebo?

 Perhaps You would like our joiners to build an English oak gazebo so that you have somewhere to put your Jacuzzi?

For example, you might want large garden building built by our company prices start from just £18,000. Within that garden building you might want to put a lot of gym equipment within the garden room, so becomes a place to exercise afterwork. Then when you are finished exercising, you could simply get into your Jacuzzi that’s underneath your gazebo and this is a great way to unwind.

Therefore a lot of people want a garden June built in the UK, but also to have a Jacuzzi built in the side, underneath a canopy or a gazebo, so that they have a place where they can unwind after their work out.

Why choose Hyden Bros to build your wooden gazebo?

Here at Hyden Bros, we have been building fencing, decking for a long period of time. Company has since expanded and taken on many more staff, for example many more labourers.

 We also have many experienced joiners which work for our business, which means that we can now offer even more services to our customers. We are simply the capable of building everything from hardwood fencing, and gazebo’s, right through to luxurious summerhouses.

We can therefore build the following in your garden

·        Softwood fencing

·        Composite fencing

·        Hardwood fencing

·        Metal fencing

·        Chain-link fencing

·        Garden offices

·        Garden rooms

·        Garden buildings

·        Gazebos

·        Composite decking

·        Wooden decking

·        Garden sheds hand built by our joiners

Summerhouses, gazebos and new decking, our company can build all of this for you

Therefore, our joiners can help to improve your garden, and you may like to have a wooden gazebo, timber summerhouse and perhaps a new fence built by us.


Why have a gazebo built by our company?

The simple answer is, there are some companies which sell gazebo’s online, and they can arrive at your house in a flatpack for the homeowner to then assemble themselves.

The problem with this is, sometimes the homeowner won’t have the time to put the wooden gazebo together themselves, and sometimes there are only a small selection of sizes. For example, there might be a website which sells gazebos, but they might only offer let’s say three different sizes to choose from.

We hand built our gazebos

So therefore, when a customer contacts us to have a gazebo built, they often call Hyden Bros because they want a hand-built gazebo, that’s built by our joiners.

So, when you hire us to build your gazebo, this this means that you can have it built to any size and height that you would like. In some areas you may need planning permission, but when you talk to our sales staff, they will be able to tell you whether planning permission is needed or not.

We can build a fence, summerhouse or gazebo out of any wood that you would like

What’s great about picking our business to build your garden room, gazebo of fence is that our joiners can build these out of any type of wood that you would like.

So, for example you might want a Canadian red cedar fence built and also to have the same want to clamp the outside of your garden room?

Therefore, we can offer you any timber that you would like, and then we can build a garden room or a new fence using this wood

There are some types of wood which looks simply brilliant once the wooden gazebo has been built, however there are some types of wood whether differently, and the colour of the wood can change, we can explain to you which types of wood we can offer, and what type of colour they turn into once they have been whether it.

We can offer 3-D designs, how your new gazebo a garden room can look

Therefore, we could bring roofers, carpenters as well as electricians to help build luxurious wooden summerhouse or wooden gazebo within your garden. We can even create a set of 3-D design so that you can have a good idea of what the summerhouse, or gazebo will look like, that’s before the construction work even begins.

What are the benefits of owning a timber gazebo?

Quite simply put during the spring and summer months, you will have a place where you can go and dine outdoors underneath your gazebo. We can also install the lighting for you, because we have electricians that work for our company.

Alternatively, you might put a hot tub underneath the gazebo, so that you have a space to unwind.

You might also want to use it as a space where you could put your mountain bikes underneath as well. Quite simply put our gazebos can be used for a wide variety of different uses, from a place to have your evening dinner on a bench, through to having a hot tub underneath your gazebo, and also a place where you could simply store your bikes.


Outdoor lighting

Our electricians can even put lighting on the outside and underneath, your tizzy bow roof so that it becomes a brilliant place to enjoy a nice bottle of wine on a summers evening.

How much do your gazebos cost of to build in South Wales?

Whether you are having a brand-new garden fence, built by our company, that’s whether the fence is made from hardwood or perhaps softwood, or perhaps you want a a new gazebo built or perhaps you are even having a large garden room constructed? we offer very competitive prices.

We can’t specify a fixed price for us to build a new gazebo here, that’s simply because every single gazebo that our business builds is bespoke to how the customer would like it built.

For example, there are a huge selection of hardwood that you can choose from, there are different size gazebo, and there is also different types of roof.

One of our sales team would need to come out and meet with you, it would only take us around 10 minutes for us to work out how you would like the new gazebo built, then we can send you a free quote



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