Does your company build steel, composite and timber fencing during the winter months?





Hyden Bros is an established business which serves Cardiff, and we have now been building garden fences for over 10 years.

We also don’t just offer our fencing and landscaping services during the summer months, that’s because we work right throughout the entire year building steel fencing, timber and also composite fences. So, if your fence is in need of repair in December then we can help, so whether you need fence repair or a complete replacement of your garden fence we are the business that can help you.


We have a large team

We have a large team of fence builders, we also have multiple vans, this means that on any one day, we could have three teams building fencing within Cardiff for different customers. We don’t just build residential, timber fencing, that’s because we also work for many businesses in the Cardiff area, so we build steel fencing and composite fencing for companies as well


Garden landscaping

The vast majority of the work our company completes, is to build steel and timber and also composite fences for both businesses and also our residential customers. However, because we have such a large team of staff working for our company, we also offer garden landscaping services as well, such as laying artificial grass, building a new summerhouse or perhaps a new patio of your garden.


We can offer you the following services in Cardiff

  • Laying artificial grass
  • Building patios
  • Building summerhouses
  • Building fencing
  • Building garden decking
  • Building pizza ovens
  • Building garden sheds
  • Building gazebos

Therefore, when a homeowner, who lives in the city of Cardiff, wants their garden landscaped, and they want a brand-new fence built as well they often contact us. The reason is we have a huge team of staff, which means that we can complete the work in a short period of time, plus quotes very competitive indeed.

For example, we offer very competitive prices on feather edge, panel fencing, steel fencing, hitting this, composite fencing, picket fencing and also hardwood fencing.

Plus, some companies might have you waiting a long time before they can even price the landscaping or fencing work for you, however we have an estimator, who is always on the road pricing work Monday to Friday, even in the evenings they are pricing work in the Cardiff area, so you will only have to wait a short amount of time before we can get a quote to you.


Fencing businesses Cardiff

If you are looking just to have a garden fence repaired or completely replaced the Cardiff area, then why not call Hyden Bros. Whether it’s wooden, steel or composite fence that is being built, when you contact us you will see how competitive prices are, we often cheaper than some other fencing contractors.

Plus, our company only buys top quality composite, metal and timber fences.


Fence repair Cardiff

A lot of garden fences get replaced in the summer, however a lot of the damage to a garden fence can occur during the winter months when there are heavy storms.

This means you will need a fencing contractor that can come out quickly, replace the broken fence posts, dig up all your concrete and then replace the whole fence.

We don’t therefore just offer to completely replace the fence, that’s because we can also repair your fence, because there might only be a section of the fencing that has become damaged.


Feather edge, affordable strong and can be built by us quickly

If you are looking for a type of fence that can be built quickly, that is strong and is affordable, then we would often recommend feather edge. Feather edge is simply made from individual slats of wood, which are what are called feather edge slats.

The feather edge slats and then nailed to a rail, the wooden rail is made from wood and is nailed to the wooden post.

To make the fence last even longer, we would recommend opting for concrete posts, which sometimes have steel Rebar running through them. We would also recommend opting for what is called with concrete gravel boards at the bottom of every single fence, again this will make it last longer.


Cardiff fencing contractors

We’ve been building steel, composite, timber, fencing for a very long time, we therefore have a highly experienced team, for example, if it is a large fence that need to be built, we could bring three or more staff to the job to quickly build your brand-new garden fence in a short period of time.


Metal fencing


The majority of the steel fences that we build, our for businesses, for example they may surround a factory with a metal fence. We can build steel fencing at a competitive price. We have a large team that is capable of building steel fencing quickly.


Composite fences

Composite fencing is more expensive than feather edge, however composite has many benefits, therefore it does offer good value for money, that’s simply because it never needs to be painted because it made from composite.


Local fencing companies

It’s true that there are thousands of fencing companies that you can pick from, however we are often chosen by many homeowners in Cardiff and also businesses in Cardiff, simply because we have built so many fences, we have built so many metal fences, so many timber fences and also so many composite fences. We therefore have hugely experienced team, this is capable of building any type of fence in a very short period of time.

Therefore, if you are looking for a local fencing company why not call Hyden Bros?


We can build the following type of fencing in Cardiff

Cardiff feather edge

We can build feather edge fencing

Cardiff hit and miss

We can build hit and miss fencing

Cardiff panel fencing

We can build panel fencing in Cardiff.

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