What’s the cheapest fencing options that your company offers?




We are all in this cost of living crisis together, which means that prior to inflation soaring, we might have opted for a more expensive garden fencing option.

However, let’s say during a strong storm, your whole fence blows over and you didn’t expect to have to face the cost of having it replaced.

So now shopping around all the various fencing companies, looking for a fence which offers good value for money, and the cheapest option.

Therefore we thought it would be a good idea to write a comprehensive guide, which sets out the cheapest types of garden fencing that we offer (panel and feather edge) , why they are still a very good option, and if you choose a Cardiff fencing company which builds them so they are and are well built, they can offer good value for money.


Panel fencing

Has all of your garden fence blown over or become damaged in strong winds?

Your fence now might be beyond economical repair, for example the wooden posts might be full of wood rot, the fencing panels might have all become broken, and the concrete may no longer hold any of the wooden posts in place at all.

In this case the whole fence needs to be put into a skip for recycling, and the new fence needs to be built in its place.

And a really inexpensive option would be to opt for a panel fence, in matter fact this is the cheapest type of fencing that we offer as a business.

The reason for this is the timber is cheaper for us to purchase, and a panel fence can be built very quickly, so if you have a long garden then you can ever long stretch of panel fencing and this is an inexpensive way of building a new fence.

So, if your fence has blown over, and is beyond repair then do not worry because we can offer you an affordable price n Cardiff to come along and replace all of your fencing for you.


Do you want to spend a little bit more?

If you want to spend a bit more, and you want a  higher quality fence than a wooden panel fence, then we would say to you, that we would recommend a “feather edge fence”.

Feather edge fencing can be brilliant quality when it is built right, we can’t however over emphasise the point “when it is built right”.

Too many fencing contractors build this type of fencing in a rush, and leave the fence rocking in the wind, with poorly mixed concrete which doesn’t hold the fence posts in place, and also the nails might not be the right type, so quickly the nail comes away from the post.

This is not good, and it doesn’t offer value for money at all to the customer.

However, when a feather edge fence is well built, it should be solid, it should have fence post which have been dug deeply into the ground, good quality concrete should be used to surround the wooden post, and also good quality feather edge should be used.

This is another point that can’t over emphasise enough, that is the actual quality of the feather edge slats can sometimes vary massively as well, cheaper feather edge slats can sometimes split and can be low quality so will not offer good value for money at all.

However good quality feather edge slats will offer you a robust fence, and this is why when you go to do shopping in a supermarket, this is often the type of wooden fencing that used in the car park, simply because it’s very low maintenance and can last a long period of time if it is built right.


Composite fencing

This is definitely not the cheapest fencing option that we offer, that’s by a country mile, it’s actually one of the more expensive fencing options, however this type of fence is very low maintenance and never needs to be painted.

If you choose a good quality composite fencing, then it can last a long period of time, once it has been built by a reputable fencing company such as Hyden bros.

That’s because the actual fence panel is not made from wood at all, instead composite fencing is instead manufactured, means the whole fence panel is made in a factory, and not from wood but from composite, which varies in terms of how it may depending on the manufacturer.

For example some manufacturers of composite fencing use recycled plastics and sawdust as well as dyes within the composite fence panel, this means that it will never incur wood rot, and it can therefore be much longer lasting than if you were to opt for some types of timber fencing.


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