Do you know that we also build summerhouses as well?


As a company that employs many carpenters, we can therefore also offer to build wooden summerhouses as well in the city of Cardiff. Therefore, if you really want to push the boat out, and improve your garden, then we could build a brand new garden fence, a new timber summerhouse also new decking for you as well. All of our prices are very competitive, so if you want to improve your garden, why not call us?

Quality summerhouses

What’s great about our summerhouses is that they can be used all year round, even though the name implies that they just used during the summer, they can be insulated, this is so that they can be used even on the coldest of days during winter. So we would say, don’t buy a low quality summerhouse, with uninsulated walls, that leaves you shivering in the cold, during winter, instead hire us, we can build an insulated garden room for you.

Insulated garden rooms

We therefore build very high quality garden buildings which can have insulated walls, so this means that you could use the building to work in even when everything is covered with a complete blanket of snow outside. So even when jack frost has covered everything with ice, you can still make yourself a nice hot chocolate, walk down to your insulated garden room, and switch the heating on, and it will be nice and warm in a short period of time.

Cardiff summerhouses

Summerhouses have become very popular here in Cardiff, as more people want to obtain extra living room that they can use to work in, or perhaps just a place to watch the football or to just enjoy a cold beer and watch the rugby.

We offer our summerhouses at very competitive prices, so if you’re thinking of having a garden room built, because you need more room, then why not give Hyden Bros a call. We have friendly staff, that can come and meet you and offer you a no obligation quote.

So, whether you want new fencing, decking or a summerhouse then why not give us a ring?

Cardiff summerhouses

Are you currently looking for a business  that builds high quality summerhouses in Cardiff? Then why look any further that Hyden bros, we’ve been building summerhouses for a long period of time now.

Our estimator can come out and meet you, we can understand the dimensions of summerhouse that you want built, which doors you want and which roof you want, and then will go back to our office and calculate the costs in a short period of time.

We can then send to you a free quotation through to your email.

We build summerhouses throughout the year

When we think of a “summerhouse”, we often think of using such a building only during the summer months, when the sun beaming down on our gardens, and we are using the garden as a place to unwind and enjoy the good weather.

However, the summerhouse hasn’t got to be just used to the summer, for example it can be used as an office throughout the year, and we can therefore insulated so that it can be used even on the coldest of winter days.

So, even if it’s absolutely freezing outside, and there are icicles hanging on the outside of the roof, we can build you a garden building that so well insulated that you can use it whatever the weather.

Insulated summerhouses

It’s worth emphasising the point that our summerhouses can be well insulated, because some people may instead purchase a cheap wooden summerhouse online, and then put it together themselves let’s say over a bank holiday weekend in order to save money.

However, if the garden building is very cheap, in that it may have really thin walls, the wooden walls might be so thin sometimes that they are the same thickness as your garden fence. This can mean that they might be wafer  thin and they are not insulated at all, so come the cold winter weather, and the room might simply be way to cold to use.

This is why you need a garden room built that’s well insulated so even when Jack Frost is outside, and everything is completely frozen, you will have a garden building that you can walk into and you can switch the heating on and then the summerhouse can be nice and warm for you.

We simply think really cheap summerhouses can sometimes be a total false economy, we say that because they might look great when they are built, and they might even be a large building, so it may appear that they are offering good value for money. Yet if the building is simply too cold to you during winter months, because there’s no insulation in the walls, and it is also uneconomical to heat because all the heat is haemorrhaging through the walls, and we think these buildings are a total false economy.

Would you like a garden office built?

You could use your summerhouse as an office, it can also be insulated so that iit is much more energy-efficient.

We have electricians the work for us, so when they installing the wiring into the building, for example adding the lighting and the power sockets for you, they can also install the electric heaters onto the walls for you as well.

This means that you can simply walk into the wooden summerhouse, switch on the heating on in a very short period of time the building will have warmed up for you.

We normally build our summerhouses with quality aluminium bi-folding doors as well, the glass will be double glazed, so this again helps to improve the energy efficiency of the building.

Also, if you want to make the room even more comfortable for you to work in its, we can add underfloor heating.

If you would like a summerhouse built by Hyden bros, then why not give us a call?

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