Do you need a new garden fence to help your dog safe?

Dog Fencing

We are often called to supply and build fencing that’s suited to keep a dog contained within a garden.

Although it’s not possible to totally guarantee, that a dog will not escape from a garden, we can build fencing that’s extra tall, has concrete gravel boards, and has a secure gate, which means that its less likely the family pet will escape.

Therefore when a homeowner is looking for a quality fence, they often call us.

So if your looking to have Cardiff fencing built, well, why not call us, with over 10 years experience, building wooden fences, you can be rest assured, that we build a quality fence for you.


Here’s why we are such a popular fencing company:

–        We offer competitive prices

–        We can offer many different types of fencing

–        We offer free quotes across Cardiff

–        We are a Cardiff fencing company with over 10 years experience building fences

–        We can also build decking

–        We are fencing contractors which build domestic and commercial fences

–        We build fencing in Newport

–        We also build garden fencing in the Vale of Glamorgan


What types of fencing can you offer, to help keep my dog in the garden?

We can offer many different types and styles of dog fences, some of the more popular are extra tall feather edge, hit and miss as well as composite fences.

Our dog fences can be made using a variety of different materials, including wood, composite, and metal mesh, sometimes called “wire fencing.

By far the most common type of fencing we build, for homeowners with dogs, is feather edge.

Here’s why feather edge is such a good fencing option if you have dogs:


You need a fencing contractor that will build a solid fence

Okay, the first thing we would say is, whichever fence option you opt for, make sure you pick a fencing business that will build a solid fence.

Some fences are built quickly, and the holes where the concrete is poured to secure the fence post, that sometimes is dug way to shallow. This means during strong winds, the fence may blow over, making it more likely the dog will escape.

So we would recommend picking a fencing company that has a very good reputation, like our business, that’s so the fence is built solid.


Our wood fences are available in a variety of different styles and can be stained or painted to a colour of your choice.

Composite fences are also available in a variety of styles and colours, and they’re very easy to maintain.


Gravel boards

We would recommend having a high quality gravel board, which is made from concrete at the bottom of your fence.

We would also recommend you opt for concrete fence posts, which will not suffer from wood rot.

Sometimes, if the fence post was to occur wood rot, this can make a section of the fencing to fall over.

The fence panel then may fall down in strong winds, and the dog may escape, this is why a lot of homeowners opt for what’s called a concrete fence post.

The concrete fence post is therefore very durable.


long life fence

We can also supply and build what’s called “composite fencing” which is a very popular option with our customers in Cardiff.

This type of fence never needs to be painted, as its not made of wood, inside composite fencing is manufactured.

There are many different brands that manufacturer this type of fence, yet, here at Hyden bros  we only use top brands.

This fencing therefore doesn’t require that much maintenance, as the fence doesn’t need painting or staining.

We can also use very high quality fence posts, for this type of fencing.

Because composite is very durable, you will have a fence that will last a long time.

Therefore because it’s a durable type of fencing, it makes it ideal if you have say a dog, yet, we would say that composite fences, can vary in quality depending on which brand manufacturers them.

So make sure that when you choose your fencing company, that they are supply a high quality brand, and also ask, does the fence come with a guarantee?


Emergency fence repair

If you have a dog, then if your current fence in Cardiff becomes broken, and needs repairing or replacing, then you will need a local fencing business that can complete this work quickly.

We have a large team of staff, which means that we can build our Cardiff fences in a short period of time.

With some fencing, we can remove the old fence, and replace with new the same day.

This is another reason why we are such a popular fencing business here in Cardiff

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