Can you also dispose of our old garden fence for us?


In parts your old garden fence may have already fallen down, that’s to say, you may have a panel garden fence, where only some of the fencing panels are still standing?

Alternatively, you may have a feather edge garden fence, that’s now looking rather tired, and needs replacing.

Once all of the wood has been demolished, put into a pile, well, sometimes the volume of broken wood can sometimes be rather considerable, it’s not idle therefore to be filling a car boot, and running it yourself to the local tip, simply because there’s so much of it.

So, we are fencing contractors in Cardiff, which don’t just build fences, we can also remove your old fence, and place into our own skips.

So, not only can our team do the hardwood of breaking up the old fence, and placing it in our skips, we can also build a quality timber fence for you in Cardiff.

If you’re looking for a Cardiff fencing company, why not call Hyden Bros?

We can build the following:

–        Timber fencing, feather edge, picket, hit and miss, panel fences, hardwood fencing

–        Composite fencing

–        Composite decking

–        Timber decking

–        Garden rooms

–        Garden offices

–        Large summerhouses

We can dispose of your old garden fence

Our labourers can therefore demolish your old fence, and also take the waste wood away for you.

We can then begin to start to build a brand-new Cardiff fence for you, so whether you want a hardwood fence, a panel fence, picket fence, feather edge, composite fence, feather edge fence, or a hit and miss fence, we can start to build this for you.

Are you looking for a fencing contractor?

We are fencing contractors which can also offer to construct timber decking, as our company has expanded here in Wales, we are also offering to build garden rooms, and also summerhouses.

Some of our customers, therefore hire us not just to be their fencing contractor, and build say a timber feather edge fence, but to also demolish say a shed, in its place build a new garden room, and at the same time, also build decking, so sometimes, because we are asked to build all three, this can really improve some gardens.

Therefore, throughout areas such as Cyncoed, which is in Cardiff, in these areas, we have helped to really improve some gardens. Some of the work we do, involves landscaping as well, so we can help you to improve your garden.


Do you build composite fencing? Does this come in a range of different colours?

Here at Hyden Bros, we also build composite decking and fencing.

We are asked by more of our customers to build composite fences here in Wales.

Sometimes, the customer will ask us to also build a garden room, and for the outside to be clad with composite cladding, the same colour as the fence.

We need a quote fairly quickly, are you a fencing company that can offer this?

We are a fencing contractor that has full-time sales staff, these means, that once you e-mail us, or call us, we will aim to book you in as soon as we can for a quote. We offer quotes free of charge, we mostly build fences in Cardiff and in Newport.

Therefore, if your looking for a Cardiff fencing contractor, which offers free quotes, then why not call Hyden Bros?

Do you build feather edge?

The vast majority of garden fences that we build, we be built using feather edge, either with a wooden or concrete post. We offer very competitive prices on feather edge fencing, we also offer “fence repair”– so sometimes you might not need the whole garden fence replaced, sometimes, some parts may just be damaged, say through a storm, we can remove the damaged fence, and repair it for you.

Therefore, if your looking for a fencing contractor that offers “fence repair” then why not call us today?

Do you build panel garden fencing?

Yes, if you need to replace your fence, and your looking for a more affordable option, which we can build quickly for you, then you may wish to opt for our fencing company to build what is called a panel fence.

The wooden fence panels are already made in a factory, this is what makes the fence so quick to build, so our team can set the fence posts in quick-set concrete, we can then just add the panels with screws or nails, then the fence can be built quickly. This is an ideal option if you need a fence replacement quickly in Cardiff, as our carpenters can build the fence very quickly.

Are you an established company?

Hyden Bros are established fencing contractors, we build fencing your residential customers, yet we also build a lot of metal fencing, such as “wire-mesh” fences for many businesses here in Wales.

Our old garden decking is rotten, are you also able to remove, dispose and to build a new one?

Yes, many residents within Cardiff as us to build a new fence, and also demolish the old decking, then build new composite decking. We are therefore fencing contractors in Cardiff that can build a high-quality fence, and also new composite or wooden decking.

We can supply and build many different types of fencing

We don’t just build feather edge fences, when you call us, we can explain that we offer many types of timber fencing. Our carpenters can therefore build many different fences, from picket fencing, say for the front of your house, through to offering “hit and miss” garden fencing.

We can also offer composite fencing, as well as different fence posts, such as wooden or concrete.

Do you need a new Cardiff Fence built?

Whether your fence has become damaged by strong winds, or is simply suffering from wood rot, and is moving in the wind, our fencing team can build a new fence for you.

We can offer free quotes

If you need your garden fence repaired, or replaced, then why not call us?


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