How Hyden Bros build feather edge fencing


In this blog post we will cover:

-Why so many people in Cardiff hire us to build their new garden fence

-Why the majority of fencing we build is feather edge

-We explain that we only build fences using top-quality timber feather edge

-We explain that we are a local fencing contractor that has many positive business reviews

-We offer free quotes in Cardiff

-We are a fencing company that builds fencing throughout the whole year

-We explain that although most companies build fencing using wooden posts and feather edge, that we offer many different options, such as concrete posts, hit and miss, hardwood fencing, picket fencing, extra tall fencing, panel fencing and also composite fencing as well

One of our busiest periods is during the autumn and winter months, this may come as a surprise to some, as they might automatically think that our busiest time is the summer?

We do build a lot of feather edge fencing in Cardiff during the summer, however, with a lot of fences becoming damaged by strong winds, we also normally see a surge in demand from our customers during the autumn.

That’s because, as wood rot sets in to a lot of timber fencing posts, and storms and gales hit across Cardiff, many garden fences can fall over unexpectedly at this time of year.

Therefore this is when Hyden Bros sees an increase in demand to build new commercial and domestic fencing.

A fencing company with a lot of 5-star reviews

Many people also choose us because we are a fencing company that has plenty of 5 star business reviews, for example on our Google My Business account, we have a lot of customers in Cardiff, who have taken the time to write a positive review.

Therefore, if your fence has fallen over, you might be the bit of a scramble at the moment to find a local fencing company, that’s the say you may be looking for a Cardiff fencing contractor that can come and build a new wooden fence.

If you’re therefore looking for a local fencing company, then why not call Hyden Bros?


Why is feather edge so popular?  

By an absolute country mile, the most popular type of fencing that we build, is named “feather edge” garden fencing. Most of our customers opt for feather edge, its not the only fencing option we offer, but it’s the type of fence we are asked to build the most.

This means that on most days we are building this type of fencing somewhere within Wales, whether it’s to surround a huge space, such as a car park, or just around a garden, we build our fences quickly.

If you don’t know what a feather edge fence actually looks like, we have attached one as the main picture to this blog post.  

You need quality feather edge

The quality of different feather edge can vary by quite a bit, some can be made from your quality timber which is thick and is of a good quality.

On the other end of the spectrum, you get you really cheap low-quality grade wood, which splits and warps and is not the best at all. So, this is why many people call us, as at Hyden Bros, that’s because we have a good reputation, many satisfied customers, plus we always use quality wood.

We are fencing contractors which take great pride in our work

We have a really friendly team, and we don’t just have one team, we have multiple teams of fence builders.

This allows us to be building many garden fences across Cardiff at any one time.

This means on any one day in Cardiff, we could be building brand-new fencing at different corners of the city.

For example, we could be building a red cedar, hard wood fence in St Mellons in the morning, and a hit and miss fence for a house located just off Roath Park in the afternoon.

 So, as you can see, we have a large group of employees that can build a fence for you, therefore if your fence falls over unexpectedly during the strong winds, or just during the winter, then why not call us?

We can take your old fence away

Running your old fence down to the council tip can seem like hard work, so, why not let us get rid of your old garden fence for you instead?

That’s to say, we can dispose of your old fence, and we can put it in a skip that we have hired.


Dig the holes to a sufficient depth

Our employees will start digging holes in the earth ready for the fence posts to be placed within.

These are often done by hand, and our staff can then get rid of the excess soil.


A good concrete mix is needed

The next stage is to start mixing the concrete, a good mix is needed to ensure that the fence post is adhered properly into the ground.

A highly experienced team

We pride ourselves on having a very polite, friendly and also extremely hard-working team, we travel all over Cardiff building fences.


Build fencing rail

We then attach what is called a rail to the fence posts.


Attaching the wooden fencing slats

We then start using our nail guns to attach each slat to the rail.

We can offer you a massive range of different fencing options


Perhaps you don’t want feather edge, you might want a totally different type of fencing?

Our estimators when they meet with you, they can offer you many different types of fencing to choose from. We can offer hardwood fencing, panel fencing, composite fencing, hit and miss fencing, feather edge fencing and also picket fencing.


When you’re having your new garden fence built, why not have new garden decking as well?

Often once our customers see the quality of our work, they ask if we provide other services such as building a new wooden summerhouse or perhaps building brand-new decking? We can therefore offer to build a wide range of different items, to help improve your garden.

So, if you want a brand new wooden garden room, decking, that’s wooden or composite, new fencing or even a large summerhouse built, then we can help.



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