We are looking for a local fencing business- why should we choose Hyden Bros?

Hyden Bros are established Cardiff fencing contractors

We are fencing contractors in Cardiff, that have been building garden gates, decking, fencing and also summerhouses for a real long period of time. You may have even seen us working in your street before?

Hyden Bros is asked to build fencing, not just because we offer affordable quotes, its because the quality of our workmanship. We train our staff, so that we build fencing to a top-quality standard.

All staff are therefore told how deep the post holes should be, how we keep our working space clean and tidy, how we keep products, such as fencing slats in a neat pile. We also aim to be as efficient as we can, so we can build our fencing Cardiff as quick as we can, minimising disruption for our customers.

So, we aim to train our staff, so that we build our timber fencing as quick as we possibly can, therefore in a short amount of time, our team can remove and dispose of your old fence, and start assembling your new fence.

Why do so many homeowners choose Hyden Bros?

Hyden Bros are chosen to build commercial and domestic fencing, simply because we pride ourselves on quality.

Whether its making sure the concrete mix is spot on, the quality of our nails, wood or simply our highly-experienced fencing team, we are able to build solid fencing, such as hit and miss, picket fences, composite fences, feather edge and hardwood fencing, and deliver quality workmanship every single time.

We need a Cardiff fence built quickly, can you help?

Sometimes part of a fence will have fallen over, perhaps even into next door, therefore a customer may be looking for a local fencing company who can turn up quickly. In order to check our availability why not e-mail us, or call us, as we have such a large team building our Cardiff fences, we are often able to call out and provide you with a no obligation quote.

We need a durable garden fence can you help?

Yes, often our commercial customers opt for “feather edge”, many residential customers opt for this, we can use a good concrete mix, quality fence posts and slats, this will make our fencing solid. This is why so many homeowners call Hyden Bros when a new fence is needed.

How do you ensure that quality workmanship is delivered?

We have a management team, our staff will call out to offer you a quote, then make sure that work is being carried out to company standards, which means we only build quality, we also check with all customers to make sure they were happy with the service.

What parts of Cardiff does your fencing business work in?

We have built many fences in Cyncoed, in St Mellons, Llanishen, Llandaff, Rumney and also Cardiff Bay, we have built fencing all over Wales.

We need a front fence, and a fence to the rear built, can you offer this?

Yes, often our customers will have a front fence replaced as the same time as the garden fence, so for example, sometimes a new picket fence is needed, and also feather edge at the rear of the property.

We will offer you an competitive quote, when both fences need replacing.

We need a garden gate built, can you do this?

Garden gates can be different widths, therefore our carpenters which we employ, will be able to build a bespoke garden gate. So, whether you need gates for the driveway, or a side gate, or even gates large enough for a campervan to drive through, we can build these.

Our carpenters and joiners, will be able to offer you different timber options, and we can offer you a no obligation quote to build new driveway gates, side gates, or really large wooden gates. We can build all of these for you.

We need before the fence is built, for a shrubbery to be removed can you do this?

Yes, we work with other companies, such as tree surgeons here in Wales, and other companies which specialise in the removal of hedges, bushes and excess soil, we can work with these businesses, so that we can prepare your garden ready for building new decking or new fencing.

How do you ensure the feather edge fencing you build is excellent quality?

Some fencing companies simply purchase the cheapest, and most basic feather edge fence they can find, yet we know that to deliver quality, we need to not focus on purchasing at the lowest cost, but to buy quality.

This is why we only travel to a few select timber yards in Wales, we have used these for years, we know that the timber is consistently of a good standard, so we are always confident that we will be building quality fences for our customers.

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