We can offer fencing, decking and even garden rooms in Cardiff


We can help you to transform your garden here in Cardiff. We can offer you many different gardening services, these can range from installing quality composite decking, right through to building a large garden room.

Our business therefore can help to transform your entire garden, whether you own a small garden that is only the size of a patio area, or you own acres of land, we can help you to improve your garden.

Our business concentrates on mostly building mainly garden fencing Cardiff, that’s to say we mostly build “feather edge”, “hit and miss”, “red cedar”, “picket”, “panel” and also other types of garden fencing.

However, our business can also offer to build garden rooms in Cardiff, wooden summerhouses, garden offices, log cabins and also large wooden buildings.

Our carpenters can also build composite decking Cardiff, as well as also building timber decking as well.

So, as you can see, our business can help to totally transform the appearance of your garden. Our business takes on large contracts, as well as small value contracts as well.


In summary then, we can offer:

·        Garden fencing

·        Decking

·        Garden rooms

·        Garden offices

·        Summerhouses

·        Log cabins

·        Metal fencing

We can transform the appearance of your garden

We employ a large team of carpenters, and also labourers, we can therefore quickly start to change the appearance of your garden.


Why not invest in a high-quality wooden fence?

We build high-quality fencing Cardiff, for example we can build “red cedar”, “hardwood”, “picket”, “feather edge”, “hit and miss,” and also “panel fencing”.

If your garden fence needs to be replaced in Cardiff, then we are fencing contractors to call

If your garden fence needs to be replaced, and you are looking for a an affordable price to replace your entire fence, then why not give our business a ring today?

Why not have a new garden gate built?

If you would like a new garden gate built, our carpenters can quite simply build a new garden gate for your home.

We can build composite decking

We can also supply and install high-quality composite decking.

We can also build timber decking

If you are looking for a decking company in Cardiff, then look no further than Hyden Bros, we can build both timber and also “composite decking”.

We can build garden offices in Cardiff

Our carpenters can also build high-quality garden offices.

We can build log cabins

We are also able to build log cabins, we can build large log cabins.

We can build garden rooms in Cardiff

We are capable of building large garden rooms and summerhouses, we can build garden rooms anywhere within Cardiff.

We can build summerhouses

We are also able to build high-quality, luxury summerhouses.

We can totally transform your garden

Therefore as you can see we are able to totally transform the appearance of your garden, whether you have bought a new property, and you wish to improve the garden, or you have owned your house for quite a while, but now wish to invest in improving your garden, then we are the company to call.

We serve the whole of Cardiff

Our business serves the whole of Cardiff, for example we can build garden rooms in Roath, yet the next week we could be building composite decking in Llanishen, therefore we can offer you a wide range of garden services.

How our business can help:

Our business can help you by offering very competitive prices on fencing, composite and timber decking, garden rooms, summerhouses, log cabins and also to build summerhouses.




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