Do you build garden rooms and summerhouses within Cardiff?


Our company also builds high-quality garden rooms and also summerhouses throughout Cardiff.

We can make many different types of garden rooms and summerhouses, for example we can make a small wooden summerhouse, right through to a very large L-shaped summerhouses.

We also offer our customers many different options to choose from, for example, you may wish to opt for bi-folding doors combined with a high-quality rubber roof?

Other customers might wish to opt for a summerhouse which has multiple different rooms, so that the summerhouse can be used as accommodation for when guests stay over. We can therefore install a shower and a toilet as well.

Another very common reason why we are asked to build high-quality summerhouses in Cardiff, is because the homeowner simply wants to use the space as a home gym.

Therefore if you would like a space to put your gym equipment, then why not invest in a garden room?

We build high-quality garden rooms

We can build high-quality garden rooms and summerhouses anywhere within Cardiff, all of our garden rooms are always built totally from scratch.

High-quality timber

We use high-quality timber, that’s to say we use high-quality timber to create the windows and the doors, as well as for example the cladding that is usually used outside the summerhouse.


We employ many carpenters; this simply means that we can build our summerhouses totally from scratch.

We can therefore listen to how our customers would like us to build their summerhouses, then we can build you your perfect summerhouse for you.

Not flatpack

There are some companies here within Cardiff that offer lower prices to build summerhouses that come in a flatpack form.

However, we do not build flatpack summerhouses- that’s because sometimes the quality of these types of garden rooms can sometimes be quite low.

For example, sometimes the quality can be so low on some flatpack summerhouses that they might quickly develop a leak, or the wood might start to rot very quickly.

Therefore, we do not offer to build flatpack summerhouses.


We cover the whole of Cardiff. We can build a summerhouse anywhere within the Cardiff area’s.

Garden rooms

We also build high-quality garden rooms.


We can build a high-quality summerhouse for you anywhere within Cardiff.


You can rest assured that all of our work will be high-quality, we use high-quality timber, and we employ carpenters to build our garden rooms.

We can therefore build your perfect summerhouse:

Many different options

We can offer you many different options, such as opting for a rubber roof, or a fibreglass roof.

For a quote why not give us a ring?

To obtain a no obligation quote, why not give us a ring?


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