Which are the most popular garden fencing options that you offer?


There are quite simply many different types of garden fencing to choose from, this can range from the inexpensive, like panel fencing through to hardwood fencing. This means that when your old fence needs replacing, you may not know which option to go for?

For example, you may not know whether to go for a hardwood fence, such as a fence built using red cedar or perhaps to opt for a panel fence instead?

Here at Hyden Bros we are an established fencing company, we can therefore offer you advice on the different types of garden fencing that we can offer. Our business can also offer to build wooden summerhouses, wooden fencing, wooden decking as well.

Our business builds wooden fencing throughout the city of Cardiff

When you appoint us to build your fence, we can take your old fence away for you, we can also recommend which fence paints that we would recommend using when you it comes to you painting your new fence.

Plus, our estimator can recommend in person which types of fencing that you may like. For example, if you want a tall fence, you may opt for feather edge fencing, or if you want a low-level fence for your front garden, you may wish to opt for a picket fence?

What’s for sure, if you need a Cardiff fencing company, then why not call Hyden Bro’s for a quote?


In Cardiff we can offer to build quality garden fencing, wooden summerhouses, garden rooms or simply to build wooden decking.

We therefore are fencing contractors which can offer you many different services. Many homeowners within the Cardiff area ask us to transform their garden, that’s by installing a quality timber summerhouse and also building a new wooden fence, as well as building wooden decking as well.

fencing contractors in Cardiff that you can rely on

We are fencing contractors here in Cardiff that you can rely on to offer high-quality service. We offer a high-quality service by offering to supply quality wood, and carpenters that will build a solid garden fence for you.

We will make sure that our garden fences are built to a high-standard, by using high-quality concrete, high-quality wood and also highly experienced carpenters to build our wooden fencing.

High-quality feather edge fencing

By far one of the most popular types of fencing is to opt for “feather edge”. Feather edge is by far the most popular type of fencing, that’s because it is affordable, and can offer a very robust type of fence.

For example, many businesses opt for feather edge because it is hard wearing and offers excellent value for money.

This is why you might see feather edge fencing surrounding say a supermarket car park for example.

We offer high-quality feather edge fencing, we will only supply high quality wood.

Panel fencing

Another very popular option is to opt for “panel fencing”, this can be quickly built, and is a very affordable type of fencing.

Many homeowners here within Cardiff, ranging from homeowners in Roath, right through to homeowners in Llanishen, will opt for panel fencing, that’s because it can be quickly built when a  fence needs to be quickly replaced.

Feather edge with concrete posts

Another very popular option is to opt for a feather edge fence and to combine this with concrete posts.

As a lot of homeowners in Cardiff will know, it is often the wooden fence posts that rot first, that’s because the posts are in contact with the soil, and the wet weather means that the fence posts can sometimes rot fairly quickly.

This is why a lot of homeowners simply opt for feather edge fence combined with concrete posts.

Hit and miss

A very popular option is to opt for “hit and miss fencing”.

Picket fencing

If you are looking for a fence to mark out the boundary of your front lawn, a very popular option is to opt for “picket fencing”.

Hardwood fencing

Many homeowners that want a luxury fence, and also want the fence to match with the gates on the driveway, this is often why they will have the gates and the fence made out of the quality hardwood, for example using red cedar hardwood.

We can also offer the following services:

Our company can also offer you the following services:


We build high-quality summerhouses

Garden rooms

We can build garden rooms within Cardiff


If you would like decking built in Cardiff, then why not give us a ring, we build garden decking.

For a quote for garden fencing, summerhouses or decking why not give our business a ring?

We build garden decking, wooden summerhouses and also garden fencing, for a quote within Cardiff why not give our business a ring?



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