Garden decking Cardiff


Why not make the most of this summer by hiring us to build high-quality wooden decking within your garden?

We can offer the following services:

·        Garden fencing

·        Garden decking

·        Garden Rooms

·        Summerhouses

We have built many high-quality timber fences and also wooden decking right throughout Cardiff and South Wales.

We are an established Cardiff fencing company, yet we also build garden decking as well. We offer very competitive prices, and our work is always of the highest quality.

We have many positive Facebook reviews, plus when we are building our garden decking, we only use the highest quality timber and experienced carpenters to build every fence and garden decking that we build.

Our business covers all of the Cardiff area’s, that’s Roath, Cyncoed, Whitchurch and also the Vale of Glamorgan as well.

We can offer free, no obligation quotes on fencing, decking and summerhouses.

Our decking is built to a very high standard, we are therefore called to install wooden decking across Cardiff, and also the Vale of Glamorgan in areas such as Penarth.

We offer free no obligation quotes, our Cardiff fencing company therefore covers the whole of the Vale and also the whole of Cardiff as well.

We therefore can build:

·        Feather edge fencing

·        Hit and miss fencing

·        Red cedar

·        High-quality summerhouses

·        High-quality garden rooms

·        Garden decking

·        Wooden decking Cardiff

High-quality garden decking

We will only use high-quality timber, this means that the wooden slats that build our decking are of the highest quality, and we also only use high-quality wooden joists and bolts and fixings.

We therefore only use high-quality:

·        Timber

·        Wooden joists

·        High-quality bolts, nails and fastenings

It’s fair to say that some contractors will try to save money by buying the cheapest quality timber, the cheapest quality timber joists and low quality bolts and fastenings.

However sometimes the work is substandard by some of these decking company’s, this can mean that the decking is not built to a high quality standard at all.

However, our business is completely different- we pride ourselves on offering a high-quality service to every one of our customers within Cardiff. We therefore build high-quality decking, built using timber from timber merchants that only supply the highest quality timber.

Wooden decking and wooden fencing specialists

If you therefore need Cardiff decking or timber fencing built within the Cardiff and Vale areas then why not give us a ring.

Our fencing business covers:

·        Cardiff

·        Penarth

·        Cowbridge (Vale of Glamorgan)

We build wooden decking and also timber fencing (feather edge, hit and miss and also hardwood fencing) yet, we can also build high-quality garden summerhouses as well. We can therefore build garden rooms, decking and also timber hardwood and wooden fencing.

We mostly build these types of fencing:

·        Feather edge

·        Hardwood (Red cedar)

·        Hit and miss

·        Commercial fencing, wire mesh

Therefore we can transform your garden, so if you are looking to make the most of your garden this summer then we can help.

Sometimes, some of our customers ask us to completely transform the appearance of their garden in Cardiff, for example by building a high-quality timber hit and miss, or hardwood fence, then some customers also ask for a summerhouse to be built, and the summerhouse to be built on top of high-quality wooden decking.

As you can see, the range of services that we can offer can transform your garden, so that you can make the most of your garden this summer

Why not make the most of your garden this summer?

More than ever people are making the most of their garden this summer, so why not invest in a high-quality garden room or just have a high-quality wooden decking built.

We offer free quotations in Penarth, and also Cardiff, South Wales, that’s the say estimator within Cardiff can attend your property at the time of your choosing to offer you a free no obligation quote for decking, fencing or a new summerhouse.

Wooden decking and timber fencing

We have been building decking for many years, we therefore only supply high quality timber and we are known for offering a high-quality service, we have many five-star Facebook reviews.

Also, many of our customers have left positive reviews for our fencing and also building garden rooms.

We never compromise on quality

Our five-star reputation simply comes from the fact that we do not compromise on quality, we offer a friendly service to every single one of our customers, and we only use the highest quality timber.

Also, where some contractors may spend many days or weeks building new wooden decking or fencing, we are completely different, because we have a large team of carpenters the can quickly build any fence within Penarth and the Cardiff areas.

Decking Cardiff and fencing Cardiff

Therefore, if you wish to have decking built outside your house, or to have decking built so summerhouse can be built on top, we are a company to contact.

Established contractor

We are an established business, we therefore have a great reputation within Cardiff.

We therefore build many fences and decking for commercial customers as well as domestic customers as well.

Free quotations

Our friendly estimator can attend your property and offer you a no obligation quote.

Alternatively on some decking and also some fencing contracts we are able to offer a rough ballpark quote via email.

Decking with handrails

Our carpenters can build a wooden handrail to go round your wooden decking.

Small gardens or large gardens

We are able to build large wooden decking and also small wooden decking.

Quality timber

We only source our timber from a few timber yards, we always make sure that the quality that we are being supplied with is high-quality, where some fencing companies within Cardiff will aim to make a greater profit margin purchasing cheaper wood, we do not do this, we only purchase high-quality wood.

Expert carpenters

We employ expert carpenters and joiners that can build high-quality summerhouses, garden rooms and also large wooden decking as well.

We can use high-quality wooden joists, bolts and fastenings to make sure that we build a high-quality deck.

Cardiff decking and fencing

It’s fair to say that there are many garden maintenance businesses within South Wales, for example some offer such a broad range of services, they can offer everything from building pizza ovens right through to cutting down trees.

However, our business is completely different, we specialise just in building timber fencing, decking and also gardens.

We therefore we do not offer landscaping services, instead just concentrate on a few services and offer a very high quality service to all of our customers within Cardiff.

Large team

We have a large team of workers, so we can quickly build your wooden decking

Timber merchants

We only source our timber from a few select timber yards

Many positive reviews

We have many positive reviews on Facebook

Built quickly

We can build garden rooms, wooden decking, and fencing quickly.

Any size decking can be built

No matter if you have a small garden, or a very large garden we can build decking to suit your garden.

Fencing Penarth and Decking

Are you looking for a local fencing company?

We also build garden fences within the Vale of Glamorgan, therefore if you are looking for a fencing Penarth company, then why not give us a ring?

We also build garden fencing within Penarth as well.

We have built many fences and guarding decking right across Cardiff

We mostly work within the area of Cardiff, so we have built many fences from Roath right through to Cardiff Bay.

Garden gates, wooden fencing and also summerhouses

We can also build garden gates, fencing,  hit is miss and also red cedar fencing. Also build high-quality summerhouses as well

Why not call us for a no obligation quote?

Why not call us for a free no obligation quote? Our estimator offers free quotes within the Cardiff areas.

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