Cardiff Summerhouses & Garden Rooms

Summerhouses and also garden rooms are increasing in popularity right across Cardiff.

And it’s clear to see why- that’s because so many homeowners now want a brand-new wooden summerhouse built within a garden to serve as a place to work from or to simply as a place to relax within.

Hyden Bros have built a wide range of luxury wooden summerhouses right across the city of Cardiff.


We can offer you the following services:

·        Luxurious wooden summerhouses

·        Luxury garden rooms

·        We install summerhouses right throughout Cardiff and also the Vale

·        Wooden fencing

·        Wooden decking

We can also offer you many different options when you hire us to build your new summerhouse, for example, you may want a rubber roof installed or bi-folding doors?

Some homeowners will want a large timber summerhouse built, and some will just want a smaller wooden summerhouse constructed, our company can help.

Wooden summerhouses or luxury garden rooms?

We can offer you a wide range of summerhouses; we can also customise your new summerhouse to meet your exact requirements.

For example, some homeowners will want the summerhouse to have multiple rooms, and also often many homeowners will want an electrical supply fitted to the summerhouse as well.

We can also install large bi-folding doors and also high-quality rubber roofs as well.

Often customers within the city of Cardiff will have a plan for how they want their summerhouse to be built, for example, some may want an L-shaped summerhouse built.

Our experienced carpenters can build your new summerhouse or garden room in a short amount of time.

Summerhouses Cardiff

There are many contractors within the city of Cardiff that can also build wooden summerhouses, however here at Hyden Bros we have highly experienced carpenters that can build your summerhouse in a short amount of time and we only build high-quality wooden summerhouses whilst making sure that we always use the best quality timber.

Wooden outbuildings

Whether you would like a large garden room built for use as a home office or to be used as a gym, our business can help.

Often, we are also asked to transform an entire garden, this is completed by building a new garden room, as well as installing new feather edge fencing and also sometimes wooden decking as well, our business can therefore improve your entire garden.


The benefits of owning a garden room

More people are now working from home, often this is one of the main reasons why somebody will want us to build a garden room.

A garden room can make for a great place to work from or to relax within.

We can build a garden room to meet your requirements, for example, we can build a very large garden room built using red cedar wood, we can also build smaller garden rooms as well, made using cheaper wood options, such as pine.


High-quality timber

We only use high-quality timber


Built quickly

Because we employ highly experienced carpenters, we are able to build your summerhouse or garden room within Cardiff quickly.


Bi-folding doors

We can also install aluminium bi-folding doors, this way your garden room will then open out completely onto your garden.

Many of our customers like the fact that when they are working from their garden in the summer, they can open aluminium bi-folding doors out onto their garden.

Garden rooms built in Cardiff

Our business covers the whole of Cardiff


Home office

If you are looking to create a home office within your garden to work from, then why not call us today?


Why not get new fencing or decking completed at the same time?

Often when you are building a brand-new summerhouse our customers will also ask us to also replace the wooden decking as well.

We can offer you many different fencing options and also decking as well.

Luxurious Summerhouses

Some summerhouses can be very big, for example, some summerhouses can have multiple rooms and can be large. Our business is capable of building large summerhouses made using red cedarwood.


How our company can help:

Our business can build a high-quality and luxurious summerhouse within your garden, if you would like the summerhouse built this summer then why not give us a ring today?

Why not contact us for a  no obligation quote today?

We can offer a no obligation quote so why not call us today?


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