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A lot of homeowners right across the city of Cardiff, South Wales will want to improve their gardens before the summer does finally arrive.

That’s to say a lot of homeowners will be searching Google for “Fencing Cardiff”- and looking for a reputable company that can install high-quality timber garden fencing at a reasonable price.

This is exactly why so many homeowners call Hyden Bros, that’s because we can build garden fencing but we can also offer the following services as well:

·        Wooden summerhouses

·        Wooden decking

·        Garden fencing

·        Commercial fencing

·        Metal fencing

·        Wide selection of garden fencing, we can offer panel fencing, feather edge and hit and miss

We also offer free quotes, we can offer our services throughout Cardiff and also the Vale of Glamorgan.

Looking for a Cardiff fencing company?

There are now so many company’s that offer fencing services, however some also offer general garden services. This means these companies in Cardiff can offer everything from offering to mow the lawn, cut down an old hedge and cut down trees.

However here at Hyden Bros we are very different, we are an established business, we build fencing to a high standard.

We can build most types of timber fencing throughout Cardiff, we can also offer our fencing services throughout Penarth, which is in the Vale of Glamorgan.

Wide range of garden fencing

Some businesses just offer one type of fencing, that normally is feather edge, and feather edge is a very good type of fence, that’s if its built correctly.

That’s to say feather edge fence is normally constructed by using thick wooden slats, plus also its made using thick wooden posts. If the company builds the fence correctly, that’s using a good concrete mix, deep holes so that the fence posts are anchored correctly, and good quality timber is used, then this type of fencing can be very strong.

However with that said, not all homeowners will want a feather edge fence, some will want a hardwood fence, or lets say a panel fence, this is why so many homeowners call Hyden Bros.

Here at Hyden Bros we can offer a wide selection of wooden fencing, plus we always offer the following:

·        Quality timber

·        Wide range of garden fencing

·        Fencing Cardiff

·        We build our garden fences quickly

·        We have many five star reviews from customers

·        We also serve Penarth, so many homeowners find us by typing “Penarth Fencing” into Google

·        We offer free quotes

·        We can also offer wooden decking

·        We also build summerhouses as well

Feather edge

One of the most popular types of wooden fencing is feather edge, many businesses and homeowners opt for a feather edge fence. Most homeowners are fed-up with low-quality fencing that they may have used in the past, this may have been a DIY fence they built themselves, or they many have hired a fencing company that built a fence using cheap fencing products.

This is why many homeowners now want a fence that will last a longer period of time, that’s solid and made using quality timber, this is when many homeowners call Hyden Bros.

We can supply feather edge fencing, and we always build our fences to be solid and well-built.

We ensure every fence that we build in Cardiff and also Penarth is solid, and built to a high-standard because we employ highly skilled carpenters, we also use tools such as nail guns to speed up the time it takes us to build our garden fences.

Hit and miss

We can also offer what is called “hit and miss fencing”- this is another very popular type of garden fencing in Cardiff, South Wales.

Many homeowners do not want featheredge, they instead want a fence that’s different, this is where many homeowners opt for hit and miss.

This is another fencing options that’s affordable, quick to build and also will enhance any garden.

Red cedar

An example of a really high-quality fence, or set of gates for a property is to build the gates or the fence using red cedar.

Red cedar is an expensive type of wood, so it will not be a fence that all homeowners will opt for, yet with that said, red cedar fencing does standout as being different, and has a really nice wood grain that will enhance the look of any home.

Quality garden fencing

It’s fair to say that a lot of homeowners do not want a garden maintenance business to build their fence if they offer a wide range of services, such as offering to mow the lawn, lay artificial grass, build a garden shed and cut down trees.

Instead what homeowners want is a company that specialises in just building fencing, can offer a wide range of fencing, is locally based in Cardiff, and that’s exactly what Hyden Bros can offer.

With many satisfied customers in Cardiff, we are the fencing Cardiff company to call.

Wooden decking

We can also offer wooden decking, so we can build a wooden decking for your home, or we can build a fence and wooden decking at the same time, this way your garden will be totally transformed.


Looking for a Penarth fencing company? In the Vale of Glamorgan? Well, why not call us?

We can offer the following:

·        Wooden decking

·        Wooden fencing

·        Summerhouses

·        Composite decking

·        Hardwood fencing

·        Red cedar

·        Feather edge

·        Hit and miss


We are a Cardiff based company, we offer free quotes throughout Cardiff, so if your looking for a local business, to build a garden fence, build decking or to build a summerhouse, then why not call us?

Free quotes?

We offer free quotes right throughout Cardiff and Penarth.

Why not give us a ring?

Why not call us today for a quote for fencing, decking or summerhouses?


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