We need a new garden fence built- yet we do not know which option to go for

Often when a homeowner here in Cardiff, South Wales gives us a call, it’s because their old fence has fallen over and now needs replacing with a quality wooden fence.

That’s to say the homeowner may have built the garden fence themselves, it’s just they can remember when they built the fence, and it didn’t seem all that long ago.

That’s to say, stood out in the wet and the cold, over the weekend the homeowners may have been busy digging holes in the ground, running to a DIY store to purchase wood, fencing panels and nails, and well, now a few years on the fence is now just a heap of broken wood that is now all over the garden and looks a mess.

So now you don’t want to be spending your weekend building a another fence, and strapping wooden panels to the roof of your car, no now you want a solid fence, a fence that’s of high quality and built by Hyden Bros which are a Cardiff fencing business.

So, without further ado, let’s have a look at some of the fencing options that you may wish to opt for:

Feather edge garden fencing

What is feather edge fencing?

Well, if the wood is of good quality, this can be a very durable type of fence. However with that said, the quality of the wood can vary massively, that’s to say cheap fencing can sometimes split, that’s if the wood is of a very poor quality.

So this is why here at Hyden Bros we only use quality timber.

Feather edge is therefore a fence that’s made using wooden slats, these overlap and then are attached to the rail using nails, you can then opt for a thick wooden post, or a concrete post.

Hit and miss garden fencing

Don’t wish to opt for feather edge?

By far feather edge is one of the most common types of garden fencing here in the U.K, having said that, some homeowners will want to opt for something a bit different, and a good option is a hit and miss fence.

Fencing made using a hardwood

Do you want a real high-quality wooden fence? Well, why not opt for a garden fence made using a hardwood, such as red cedar?

Many homeowners here in Cardiff, that live in exclusive homes will opt for red cedar fencing. Often you will see red cedar being used to construct the fence, plus to also make a matching set of gates.

That’s to say sometimes the first things you are greeted with when you approach some expensive properties here in Cardiff, will be a set of wooden gates that have been made using red cedar wood.

Panel fencing

A really affordable option would be to opt for a panel fence, another reason why so many homeowners here in Cardiff opt for a panel fence is because it can be built really quickly.

Where with a feather edge fence each wooden slat needs to be attached to the wooden rail, and nailed into place, with a panel fence, often six or more wooden panels will be sufficient to cover most gardens.

Concrete fence posts?

If you would like a fence that’s made to be durable, then many homeowners opt for fence post’s made using cast-concrete, that have metal rebar in the middle, and then to have the fence made using feather edge wooden slats.

If you are looking for fencing Cardiff, then why not call Hyden Bro’s we can build a high-quality fence using concrete posts and feather edge.

While we are building your new garden fence, why not have wooden decking built as well?

More and more homeowners are having wooden decking built within the garden, we build high-quality wooden decking.

We use high-quality wood, plus we employ highly skilled carpenters, who can build your wooden decking quickly.

Free quotes offered right across Cardiff

If you are looking for a Cardiff fencing company, then why not call us?

Hyden Bros can offer the following services, right throughout Cardiff and the Vale:

·        High-quality garden fencing

·        Wooden gates

·        Hardwood fencing

·        Wooden decking

·        Wooden log cabins

·        Wooden summerhouses

·        We are a fencing company that offers free quotes right throughout Cardiff.

How we can help:

If you would like a feather edge, hit and miss fence, panel fence or just a new garden gate built, why not call us?

Hyden Bros are an established fencing contractor, we have been building garden fences for many years.

We can offer free quotes, and affordable prices, no matter if you want a feather edge fence or a red cedar fence, we can help.

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