5 reasons why you should choose Hyden Bro’s to build your wooden decking


Okay, so it may be hard to envisage what your garden will look like during the summer right now, that’s because the weather is still rather cold, and most plants have withered away.

Yet with that said, we can start to plan how we can improve our gardens, that’s so when the warmer weather does finally arrive, well we can enjoy our gardens that bit more, and one way we can really enhance our gardens is to have wooden decking built.

And sometimes these simple changes can make the world of difference.

Also, you may want your fence painted in say a light blue or say a shade of olive green which can really transform the overall appearance of your garden, and this really doesn’t take that long at all to do, yet can really improve your garden.

Yet, we also have to think, well, is there a place that we can sit on a summer’s night, perhaps with a glass of wine?

And if the answer is no, not really, well why not hire us to build wooden decking?

Sometimes our customers asked for the decking to be raised, allowing some customers to enjoy more of a view.

Some other customers may want a large wooden deck built, one which surrounds the whole length of the house?

So we thought it would be a really good idea to state five reasons why so many residents of Cardiff, as well as in Penarth and the rest of the Vale of Glamorgan, hire us to be there fencing and decking company.

#1 We only use quality wooden decking

We only use high-quality timber, whether we are building a fence, or building wooden decking, we only use high quality wood.

Plus, our carpenters can build your wooden decking to your exact specification, so perhaps you would like a large set of steps that lead up to your decking, we can offer this.

#2 We have a highly experienced team

Our team have built many fences, as well as wooden decking. We always offer competitive prices.

#3 We can also offer to build fencing

Sometimes a homeowner will not want to hire to separate companies, that’s to say one to build the garden fence, and then another for the wooden decking.

As that will mean getting more quotes, plus often a homeowner will want the work done at the same time, so this is why our company doesn’t just offer Cardiff fencing, we also offer wooden decking as well.

#4 Free quotes

Our quotes are always offered free of charge, plus we aim to get a quote to you as soon as possible.

#5 We cover the whole of Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan

Whether your house is based in Cardiff, Penarth or within the Vale of Glamorgan, we can offer quality garden fencing and quality wooden decking.

We offer free quotes in person, so if you are unsure which type of fencing to opt for we can recommend many different options, such as hit and miss fencing, feather edge fencing, hardwood fencing, plus also red cedar fencing.

Why not call us today?

If your are looking for a fencing company that can offer you affordable quotes, plus offer quality workmanship, then why not call Hyden Bros?

Hyden Bros have built many Cardiff fences, plus also wooden decking, so if you require a recommendation, we can supply many recommendations from our customers.

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