Looking for a fencing contractor Cardiff?


There are now many fencing contractors Cardiff to choose from, yet we believe at Hyden Bros we are a good choice, that’s because we can offer you:

·        Quality wooden fencing

·        We are fencing contractors that cover the whole of Cardiff and offer free quotes

·        We are an established business

·        We can build garden fencing

·        We can build commercial fencing

·        We offer a high-quality service


Here at Hyden Bros we can build any type of wooden fencing, yet we do specialise in building feather edge fencing.

Many homeowners are also appointing us as there fencing contractor to build hardwood fencing, this type of fencing is sometimes called “red cedar fencing”.


Why do so many company’s and homeowners choose us

Hyden Bros are fencing contractors that are based within Cardiff, South Wales. We have built many fences for both homeowners and businesses.

We are a well-known business, the reason for our success is that we build high-quality fences quickly.

Many building companies therefore hire us to build fencing around new housing, plus we also build fencing for restaurants and pubs as well.

We understand that when a business needs a reliable fencing contractor, that they will normally need a fencing company at the end of a construction contract.

So for example, a business may have spent many months building new offices, and they may only have a short time frame to hand the new building back to their clients.

This is where we are often asked to build a fence, and are chosen as the Cardiff fencing contractor to build the fence, that’s because here at Hyden Bros we can build fences quickly.



We are an established business.


Quality fencing

We only purchase quality timber.



No matter if your looking for fencing contractor Cardiff to build a new fence for a residential property, or a new commercial building, we can offer competitive prices.


We cover the whole of Cardiff

Our fencing company covers the whole of Cardiff, so if you are looking to have wooden fencing or wooden decking built, then why not call us?

Fencing contractors that can build your fence quickly

We have a team of workers, plus equipment such as nail guns, and a modern fleet of vans so that we can build a high-quality wooden fence for your business quickly.

Therefore if you are looking for a fencing company Cardiff, then why not call Hyden Bros?


Require a quote?

We offer free quotes throughout Cardiff, as well as in Penarth.

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