There are so many garden fencing companies near me- how do I know which one to choose?


When an old garden fence blows over, its easy to find a lot of garden fencing companies that will be willing to do the work.

However, the hard part is knowing which fencing company to choose.

After all, you will want a solid garden fence, built using quality timber and constructed by carpenters that will build a quality fence.

Here at Hyden Bros we have been building wooden fences and timber decking now for many years, we have worked in all areas across Cardiff, from Llanishen, through to Cyncoed, so we are now going to explain why you should choose Hyden Bros, when you next need a garden fence replacing.

Cardiff fencing

When you think of the varying types of gardens here within Cardiff, you have gardens close to the city centre which are normally small gardens, yet still need a reliable feather edge fence to help better secure the garden.

Then in areas such as Cyncoed where you normally have much larger gardens, often here the homeowner will want a more luxurious type of garden fence, such as a fence built using red cedar wood.

If you are looking for a fencing contractor within Cardiff, then why look any further than Hyden Bros, we can offer:

·        Quality wooden fencing

·        Wooden decking

·        We cover the whole of Cardiff, South Wales

Garden Fencing

When we think about garden fencing, most people instantly think about panel fencing, that is the fencing constructed using thin wooden slats of wood.

We can build this type of fence, however there are so many more options, such as feather edge or hit and miss fencing.

However, one of the most important things whatever type of garden fence you do choose is that its built to be as solid as possible. That the wooden posts are embedded with a sufficient amount of concrete, and the fence is solid.

Quality of the wood

Now, here’s another really important point to make, as some garden maintenance businesses just choose the cheapest wood they can source.

However, here at Hyden Bros, we only use quality timber.

Reliable workers

We only employ reliable workers.

Specialises in just building fencing?

We do not offer a large range of garden services, such as cutting down trees or building garden walls, we instead only build wooden fences and build wooden decking as well.

Covers the whole of Cardiff?

We cover the whole of Cardiff, so if you are looking for a fencing company then why not call Hyden Bros?

Fencing contractors that have a good reputation

We have an excellent reputation with many positive reviews.

Able to offer you many different fencing options?

We can offer everything from red cedar fencing through to feather edge.

Sturdy wooden fencing

We only build solid garden fencing.

Fencing that compliments your garden

Require a fencing quote?

If you require a fencing quote then why not give us a ring?

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